Becoming the best me I can be

pregnancy picture

Sitting on the toilet, I am holding the test in shaking hands. My emotions and raging hormones are battling viciously. One moment I experience extreme happiness, the next moment I am hit in the stomach with the overwhelming fear of having someone depend on me. I am going to be a mother. I take a deep breath and walk out of the bathroom. Hubby turns to face me, looking at me tells him everything he needs to know. He smiles and takes me into his arms. I start crying harder. The battle is still raging but happiness is winning. I can’t stop smiling. He pulls back to look at me and says “Believe or not, I’m excited”. We both laugh and hug each other again.

Nothing puts life into perspective like learning you are going to become a parent. You learn what’s important and what doesn’t really matter anymore. Before I became pregnant, I wasn’t eating healthy, working out or taking care of my health. I was overweight in my opinion but obese according to the BMI charts. I was not only overweight and inactive but I have a family history of heart disease, diabetes, and colon cancer. Something needed to change.

I began eating healthier during my pregnancy but not nearly as well as I could have. I started reading about eating right and learning new recipes. I began adding new foods to my diet such as kale, beans, garlic, cantaloupe, and making homemade soups. As great as these changes were, I was still eating unhealthy foods frequently like pizza, pastas, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, etc. This was especially bad for my health since I was lactose intolerant.


One of our first family photos

Fast forward to after my daughter was born. I had a natural birth which enabled me to heal quickly. Breastfeeding came easily for both my daughter and myself. Without the watermelon sized belly slowing me down, I felt awesome, happy and awed at finally being able to hold my daughter. But even with losing weight after I had Peanut, my postpartum weight was 270 pounds. 270 pounds! I needed to make some major changes in my life.

Jumping forward 5 months brings us to the present. I began making the necessary changes in my life. I went to the doctors for testing to figure out why I have been having stomach problems. I have cut dairy out of my diet completely. I’m not use to reading labels but it has helped me realize just how much food has milk in it. I’ve started eating even healthier and I’ve also started exercising almost daily. Even with all these changes, I’ve only lost 5 pounds so far. Unlike most breastfeeding mothers, breastfeeding doesn’t make losing weight easy for me. While losing weight is necessary, I’m not as concerned about weight loss right now as much as learning to be healthy. By improving my health, I will eventually begin to lose weight more easily. I will continue to make healthy changes in my life and I would love to share the journey with you.

Have you started your journey towards better health? What changes are you making in your life to eat better or exercise?


Comments on: "Every Journey Starts Somewhere" (6)

  1. Good luck on your journey, you can do it!

  2. Thanks! It is going to be a long process but it will be well worth it!

    • Absolutely. I’m realizing the goals at the end of the process are the important things. I’m tired of being my own worst enemy and not making healthy choices which are under my control. It’ll be a great process!

      • I do agree it’s about the goals at the end but it IS about the process at well. Living a healthier lifestyle gets you in shape in so many different and wonderful ways. The process shapes you mentally and emotionally as well as physically. The struggles we are facing today will help us grow and face tomorrow’s struggle better. Because once we reach our goals, we will have the difficult task of staying there!

      • Definitely. Yes in re-reading what I said, I think I meant more that thinking about my end goals as a motivator is important for me this time. That came out a little funny haha. Because I’ve often gotten side tracked with short term rewards that derail my long term success. You’re right it’s all about the process 🙂

      • Oh okay! I misunderstood you. I definitely agree. Like both of our husbands, I get easily distracted as well. haha

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