Becoming the best me I can be

Love this! I am on a very slow journey to clean eating 🙂


So have you ever thought about what we eat? I’m not talking about what tastes good or not or what you’re having for dinner… I’m talking about the processes that our food goes through to get to our plates. There are a lot of diets out there and not all of them are good for you. You need to know first that every body is different. We all metabolize food differently. For example: I could eat cake and ice cream every day and easily gain 15 + pounds, my husband on the other hand eats cake and ice cream everyday and gains nothing. A lot of this really boils down to genetic predisposition. If your family has a history of diabetes, stay away from sugar – high blood pressure, salt… etc.

Here’s a crazy thought, think about ancient civilizations… what did they eat? Is it the same things we eat…

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  2. Yep! I’m working on being better and eating better

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