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We all have the right to raise our children how we want. It does not mean we have the right to tell other parents how to raise their child. This post makes a great point 🙂

the 80/20 mom

Well guys, the internets have gotten me all fired up again. And surprise, surprise, it’s because of an online parenting “support” group.

Not having a great many friends with kids, I joined a bunch of these groups shortly after baby P. was born as a way to connect with other moms. What I discovered is that many of these groups masquerade as support, but are really nothing more than a sanctimonious group of moms who tout their own parenting skills while condemning those who don’t agree with them. After feeling frustrated and angry reading some of their posts on my Facebook feed, I dumped almost all of them, save for a few that seemed to be offering real support.

One of these was a Facebook page that focuses on a style of parenting called “continuum parenting”. I actually really enjoyed it as I agree with much of what was writen…

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