Becoming the best me I can be

Day 3

Thank goodness for rest days!!! I was so sore yesterday from the first two days of BeFit in 90, so I was very thankful to be able to rest my sore muscles.

Day 4

The videos for today were Warm-up Workout: phase 1, Ripped Abs & Arms, Fat Burning Cardio, and Sports Stretch and Flexibility. The abs & arms workout is the easiest of the three strength training workouts. I felt the burn but not nearly as much as I could have or did with the other two. I think I will increase my weights for this workout to get a better workout. I know my abs will be sore tomorrow. The cardio was easier this time compared to Day 1 (it’s the same video) but I was still unable to complete it. Hubby and I did take Peanut on a 2.39 mile walk so I did get plenty of cardio today. I am really enjoying the sports stretch and flexibility video. It’s great to stretch after all the intensity.

This is my before picture for BeFit in 90. Taken on May 14, 2013

This is my before picture for BeFit in 90. Taken on May 14, 2013


Comments on: "BeFit in 90- Days 3 and 4" (17)

  1. You’re doing great keep it up

  2. Way to go, and keep it up! When you’re super sore, try to walk around as much as possible, or stand so that you don’t get stiff. It helps me a TON!

  3. Rest days are very important, I’m glad you took one! Those videos (based on the names at least) sound awesome!

    • They have been! I am terrible at grouping exercises together to only work certain groups of muscles. This program takes out the guess work. Plus, it’s free!!!! Something my pocketbook loves! haha

  4. Wow. I’m so proud of you. I plan to start tomorrow…Ick. Lol.

    • Thank you so much. It really means a lot. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I really enjoy it, except that one cardio workout that keeps kicking my butt haha

      • Lol. You’re welcome.
        I watched the Day 1 videos…I should be able to do it without fainting. Teehee…I’ve done some of that stuff before…uber hard. That was about a year ago, though. That cardio video needs prayer…it scares me.

      • I thought the workouts look harder than they are but that’s just me. I had to do them to prove to myself that I could. They are intense but not TOO intense for me. The fat burning cardio is ridiculous! Hopefully I’ll be able to do that someday but until then I’ll be replacing it with Zumba haha

      • Yep! That fat burning cardio workout was a joke. Lol.
        I guess since I’d done some of those exercises before, I knew I wouldn’t die…not sure I didn’t. Teehee.

      • Well, I’m glad you didn’t die! But I might have if I finished it! LOL which is why I switched it to Zumba

      • Oh, I wasn’t talking about the cardio moves, man. Meant the other workout.
        I’ve never liked cardio. Ick…No way my muscles were gonna play along after that other workout.

    • Let me know how you are doing with it and how you feel. Oh, don’t forget to take a before picture (even if you don’t show anyone).

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