Becoming the best me I can be

Every week I plan on posting an update about my progress towards better health. I will post goals I want to accomplish in the upcoming week, if I accomplished the goals I set the previous week, current weight, if I lose or gain weight (hopefully only lose weight), and a brief summary of my activities.

Goals from previous week

Walk at least 5 miles yes!
Do the BeFit in 90 workout each day as instructed yes!
Drink lots of water yes!
Eat healthy meals/snacks every 2-3 hours yes!

Goals for the upcoming week

Walk at least 5 miles
Do the BeFit in 90 workout each day as instructed
Drink lots of water
Eat healthy meals/snacks every 2-3 hours

Weigh-in Time

Start Weight: 270 pounds
Current Weight: 256.2 pounds
Lose/Gain: Lost 0 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 13.8
Measurement: See Measurement post here 🙂

Weekly Summary

I normally don’t and won’t change my weekly goals. I did change them this week though. Sunday, I read a post about a Befit challenge. I asked the author of the post a few questions and looked it up. After viewing the videos and trying it out on Monday morning, I decided I am going to do it. Since it was only a day after making my goals and I knew I was going to try this program, I decided to change my goals to accommodate the program. I knew there was a very slim chance of making my weekly goals and this new program. Not to mention, I didn’t want to overdo it on the first week trying it.

The fitness program is called BeFit in 90 challenge. The basic concept behind the program is using a mixture of warm-up, strength training, cardio and cool-down workouts to get fit in 90 days. You always have to do a warm-up and cool-down (that I’ve noticed so far haha) and the cardio/strength training workouts change depending on the day. The workouts are difficult but manageable. The program gives you two rest days as well so your body can recover. I really enjoy doing it. I have problems with the one cardio workout as I explained in this post but otherwise, I like the burn I get from BeFit in 90.

Even though I have been doing this workout, I still managed to go on walks. I am just not walking quite as much. I walked 5.92 miles this week. It’s not too bad considering I’m doing cardio in my workouts. I have been drinking even more water to make up for the amount of water I have been sweating. I have also noticed these workouts have been making me super hungry afterwards (always a great sign it’s working). I have been making sure to eat healthy foods after I workout like grapefruit (yum!) to keep me feeling full and energized.

I will be keeping the same goals this week as last week until I get use to this new program. It takes a lot out of me. I do hope to walk more this week as long as the weather permits. Hope everyone has a great week. I’ll be posting when I can 🙂


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