Becoming the best me I can be

BeFit in 90- Day 12

I’ll admit it…. the last thing I wanted to do today was workout. I’ve been worried all week about Peanut. Plus, I have been playing phone tag with her pediatrician for the past two days trying to find out her lab results. I am suppose to hear from him today so I’ve been hovering over my phone and checking to make sure the volume is up so I’ll hear it when it rings. The anxiety and worry has made me anxious, lazy, listless, distracted, and another hundred other emotions. So working out today was far on my list of things I wanted to do…. but I did. I am really glad I did too.

Today was a double strength training day again. Day 12 consists of the Warm-Up, Back & Shoulders, Abs & Arms, and the Sports Stretch & Flexibility cool-down. My triceps were pretty sure from yesterday’s workout (Abs & Arms workout) but otherwise I was ready to go. The workout was nice and made me break out in a nice sweat. One thing I did notice though. Why is it when the woman in workout videos sweat they look like they’re glistening? But when I sweat I look like someone dunked me in a vat of elephant snot. LOL At least, that’s what it feels like to me. Haha!

I am really glad I did my workout. It helped me relax and de-stress. I needed to just move my body to numb my brain for a bit. It made me feel better and more prepared to talk to her doctor when he calls.


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