Becoming the best me I can be

I didn’t have time to post this yesterday so I’m posting it today.

Day 13

Rest day!!! Woot woot! It was much needed and I definitely relaxed.

Day 14

I struggled to find time today to workout but I did! It’s a cardio day!!! Day 14 workouts included Warm-up, Fat Burning Cardio (I replaced with Zumba), MMA Cardio Phase 1, and the Yoga cool-down. The workout was pretty easy. I broke out in a sweat but I wasn’t gasping for breath like I did when I started this workout program two weeks ago. I guess I’m finally getting use to the workout. I am getting in better shape! Woohoo!


Comments on: "BeFit in 90-Days 13 and 14" (6)

  1. That’s awesome that it’s getting easier!! Soon you’ll have to kick it into high gear and do harder workouts! That’s when it gets fun!!

    • I know I will. I believe the workouts get harder every 30 days so I have 15 days left until they make it harder. My husband says he’s already tired of hearing the banter of the instructors in the warm-up video. haha!

  2. Oh, no. There’s another cardio day? 😦
    You goooooooooooooo, Keri! I’m uber proud of you.

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