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My little Peanut has a peanut allergy. I have jokingly been calling her the AntiPeanut since we found out on Friday. But all joking aside, I am very cautious and uncertain of what this peanut allergy means for my baby girl. Obviously, she has never tried peanut butter or peanuts. She’s only 7 months old and way too young to try it. I had been eating peanut butter and foods containing peanuts while I was nursing her up until we found out. I am very very very glad I didn’t have to find out she had a peanut allergy by giving her peanut butter. That is one situation I will gladly avoid.

But I am left with so many questions I want to ask her doctor, including questions I don’t think he can really answer. Questions like:

  • How severe is her allergy?
  • Is she allergic to just peanuts or all tree nuts?
  • Should I cut all tree nuts out of my diet, including almond milk (which I love)?
  • Should I refrain from eating foods that MAY contain traces of peanuts or foods processed on the same machinery as peanuts?
  • Should I make people wash their hands after eating peanuts (peanut butter) before they touch her (or in the case of my husband, brush his teeth before kissing her)?
  • How do I know what will affect her and how badly?

These questions are only a few of the what feels like thousands of questions floating around in my head when it comes to her allergies, her health, her weight gain issues, and all the other issues we’ve been having lately. I am just so worried for her. A peanut allergy is a very serious allergy to have and can be very scary. I have heard the horror stories of children with severe peanut allergies and the problems that have arisen from it. I just don’t want my baby girl to deal with that. I am hoping her allergy isn’t severe and it doesn’t get worse. I am only hope and pray.



Comments on: "Peanut Allergy: Now what?" (6)

  1. Scary! You’ll have to ask the medical professionals though honey. I have friends with kids who are allergic to peanuts. One boy will just vomit if he eats anything with peanuts in, another can’t breath if he gets too close to it and yet another gets a rash but no other symptoms. I think the individual reaction is specific but maybe they can tell from her blood tests?

    At least you know what it is – good luck with finding an easy way to manage it.

    • Thanks! That’s the part that scares me though. I am really hoping it is just a rash or something simple like that. But I don’t know yet. I plan on talking to her doctor today.

  2. Gosh it’s a tricky predicament as whilst it is a good thing to know what was causing anti(!)peanut’s problems, it then leaves the door open for all sorts of questions, to which answers are most likely to come with time, as opposed to from certainty, as it is so difficult to say with babies as there are no hard and fast rules! Good luck with talking with the doctor and getting some answers, or at least some reassurance 🙂

  3. At least you found out now. I am sure the doctor will be able to answer the majority of your questions. I know its hard on doctors too, because they want to be able to give you answers to your questions, but sometimes they just can’t answer them. I have been seeing an Allergist for the last 6 months and in the beginning it was frustrating on both ends trying to figure out what was causing my allergic reactions and finding a solution that helped. Good luck to you ! Keep us updated !

    • I am glad I found out. I just hope there are no other problems. I know its not the doctor’s fault and they don’t have all the answers. Frustrating is the best word to describe what I’m feeling. Thanks for the luck! I could use it!

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