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Makes you think twice about what you’re eating.

Awesome Åshild

I present you the Broccoli, as we know it; 

We eat this interesting looking vegetable, because it’s good for us. It’s very high in Vitamin C and Fibre. It has been named a super food and it has anti-cancer properties (especially prostate cancer) and prevents against heart disease. We shouldn’t boil the broccoli as it is a lot less super foody when boiled, so stick with the steaming or stir frying. It’s super awesome, isn’t it? I’m sure the broccoli is as natural as the sun rising and setting every day. Or is it?

This is where the Broccoli comes from;

Not quite that Broccoli-ish is it? This leafy cabbage is the ancestor of our oh so natural Broccoli, that has been farmed into the tree looking vegetable we all worship (oh well, I know a few people who have Broccoli as a staple for every meal). Like so many…

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