Becoming the best me I can be

Day 17

I was really expecting to be sore from my double workout the day before but I wasn’t. It made me realize I need to increase my weights. I’m going to bump up my hand weights from 3lbs to 5lbs for all of my workouts. I have stopped feeling sore after my workouts. So hopefully my workouts will show more improvement with the added weight. Hubby and I took Peanut for a 2.29 mile walk as well. We went later in the day so it wasn’t so hot out.

Day 18

Today was a pretty easy day. Day 18 consisted of the Warm-up, Ripped Abs & Arms workout, Fat Burning Cardio, and Yoga. I used the 5lbs weights for the Abs & Arms workout. I actually managed to do a third of the Fat Burning Cardio before I switched to Zumba for the rest of my cardio. Hubby and I plan on taking Peanut for a walk later today as well.


Comments on: "BeFit in 90- Days 17 and 18" (2)

  1. Sounds like you’re making great progress, well done!

    • Thank you so much! I am surprised with how much progress I have been making and its not even two months yet! I am so motivated to continue with what I’m doing, even on the weeks where I don’t lose any weight 🙂 I just feel so much happier and have more energy.

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