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BeFit in 90-Day 19

It’s been 19 days already!!! I can’t believe it! Time is flying by but thankfully I am doing great with my workouts and eating healthy. Today was a killer workout. I upgraded to the 5lb weights and it DEFINITELY makes a difference. Wow! My arms feel like jelly again like they did the first few days. I love it! That means it’s just what I needed to keep gaining muscles.

Day 19 consisted of the Warm-up, the Chest, Legs, and Buns workout, the Back and Shoulders workout, and the Sports Stretch and Flexibility workout. I didn’t realize I chose a double strength training day to increase my weights to 5lbs but I did it anyway. Believe me when I say my arms are going to be killing me tomorrow. Haha! I think its great though. I don’t know if it was the heat or the increase in weights but I was sweating so much the sweat was running into my eyes. I know it was both but I don’t know which caused more sweat. So not only am I getting muscles and losing fat while I workout, I am also detoxing from sweat. Woohoo!

All that sweating and working out made me hungry so I ate some of the strawberries my father-in-law brought over yesterday. He grows the best strawberries I’ve ever eaten. Year after year, they grow so sweet and juicy. I just love them. Great post workout snack!

The best strawberries I've ever eaten thanks to my awesome father-in-law!

The best strawberries I’ve ever eaten thanks to my awesome father-in-law!


Comments on: "BeFit in 90-Day 19" (17)

  1. Way to go!! You’re doing amazing!!!

  2. Great job! Those strawberries look amazing!

  3. Yum, love it!

    • I can’t eat store bought strawberries anymore because these are so good. The store bought ones seem tasteless now. I’ve been eating his strawberries for 6 years now

  4. YAY, you! Keep it up! 😀 😀 😀

    I love strength days (burn and all)! Cardio bites, although I’m learning to like that MMA workout.

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