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I love reading other fitness/health/nutrition blogs. I find a lot of inspiration and motivation from reading other blogger’s fitness journeys. I feel very connected with other bloggers like me who post about their ups and downs, their good days and bad, their struggles and triumphs. I was reading this post from Tammy at Insatiable Thinker. In her post, she talked about doing a 30 Day Squat Challenge. She had a link on her post to Fitnessbunny123, who made the challenge. I followed the link to this post. I was really intrigued with it and decided to accept the challenge as well.

I look at the squat schedule I will have to follow for the next 30 days. I will be the first to admit it is very daunting (since I will be doing the 30 day Squat challenge in conjunction with my BeFit in 90 workout). I honestly can’t picture myself doing 245 squats in ONE day. I just can’t see it…. and that’s why I want to do it. I want to prove myself wrong. I hate hearing the small voice in the back of my head whisper “you can’t do that. its too hard. too much. impossible for someone like you”. I love to challenge that negative side of me and put it to shame. I don’t give in to it. I fight back. I will never live the healthy lifestyle I want if I listen to the negativity and the “I can’t’s”.

There’s no time like the present so I have already started Day 1 of the 30 day Squat Challenge. The first day starts with 50 squats. I did all 50 of them. My legs were feeling the burn and the last 10 were difficult but not TOO much. 50 squats is probably the most squats I have ever done at one time. My legs felt like jelly afterwards. I’m nervous of how I will feel tomorrow but I know I can do this! You have to build muscle to burn fat!

30 Day Squat Challenge chart

30 Day Squat Challenge chart

Source: FitnessBunny123

Are you starting any challenges this week or month? Are you currently doing a challenge? Do you want to start this challenge with me? Let me know! I will be letting you know what I think of the challenge and how I feel throughout!


Comments on: "30 Day Squat Challenge- Day 1" (31)

  1. You go, superstar! I considered this as well…Lol. Goooooooooooooooooo, you!

  2. Carol Ann Larade said:

    I’m on day 26. If I can do it, anyone can! I love it. It sucked the first few days but after awhile I started looking forward to the challenge and I still am. In fact, I’m doing weighted squats now. 🙂

    You never know till you try. Woo!! Go you!

    • I figured the first few days would be the worse. That’s awesome! I’d love to do weighted squats as some point. You’re doing great! Thanks for the support! Do you have any tips or helpful pointers for me?

      • Carol Ann Larade said:

        Keep your weight in your heels and drop it as low as you can while keeping your knees behind your toes.

        Hang in there. You’re going to love your butt (even more). 🙂

      • Thanks for the advice! haha! I love how you wrote “even more”. I have a big ole badonkadonk already but it definitely could use some tightening, toning and lifting! haha I told my husband about the benefits and he said “get to squatting!” haha!

  3. You can do it! Take comfort in knowing I will be doing them too! pain will be your pain… 🙂

  4. I’m actually doing a nutritional challenge now since my trainer takes care of the other half of my fitness LOL He made me do 100 body squats as quickly as I could AT THE END of a leg training session. My legs were jello! I’ve seen numerous challenges like this one… do you have to do it all at once or can it be spread throughout the day, or done in sets so that that you can give your muscles a rest in order to perform better?

    • The person who made the challenge didn’t specify so I would assume you could do it all at once or space it out. For right now I am doing them all at once but as the number increases, I will probably split them up to give my legs a chance to rest and recover. Maybe in increments of 50. I haven’t decided LOL I have been reading about your nutritional challenge. It sounds pretty awesome and REALLY hard. I might do it someday but I am not at that level just yet. I’m still trying to move away from processed from but I’m not there yet. I am trying to move it out of my diet slowly so I don’t get too overwhelmed. I am trying to “crowd out” the unhealthy with healthy foods. I will be reading how you are doing with your challenge and cheer you on 🙂

      • I like these challenges except for when you get up to the higher numbers you start to fatigue those muscles groups and then you don’t give them the 24-48 hours of recovery. As for the nutritional challenge… yea, it’s hard LOL I’ve been getting to this point gradually. I started yesterday and just haven’t gotten a chance to finish the full entry for today and yesterday’s events/foods. I promise there will be something tomorrow if I can’t get it done tonight LOL

      • LOL I feel you. There are so many posts I would LOVE to write but it seems as though time slips away from me and I don’t have a chance.

  5. […] you’ve been reading my recent posts, you will notice I have started the 30 day Squat Challenge. I will be doing squats for the next 30 days with the number of squats per day increasing as the […]

  6. Do you do these all in a row at one time?! Or just that many in the day total? I like the idea of doing different challenges though, nice way to incorporate some variety 🙂

    • It depends on the day. Sometimes I do them all together, sometimes I break them up throughout the day and sometimes I’ll do a certain number, take a break, do some more, take a break, and do the rest. I like to incorporate them in with my BeFit in 90 so I get sweaty all at once. LOL

      • Oh ok, that makes sense. I’m just thinking I can’t even picture myself doing like 200 of these darn things in a row haha.

      • Well I’ll definitely be spacing them out more as the number of them goes up. 50-60 wasn’t too bad yet

      • Makes sense. I think I’ll have to take on some of these challenges!

      • I am really excited about this. My only minor concern is making sure my muscles have enough time to recover when I get up to the really high numbers. I might have to add in a few extra rest days at the end to ensure I don’t hurt myself. Safety is my first priority as all times.

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