Becoming the best me I can be

Day 26

Another double strength training day! It wasn’t too bad though. This week has really been focusing on the arms. I don’t mind though! Day 26 consisted of the Warm-up, Back & Shoulders workout, Ripped Arms & Abs workout, and the yoga cool-down (yet again, I replaced this with the POP Pilates cool-down. It’s so much nicer). By the time I finished the Back & Shoulders workout, Peanut decided she was done with her nap and demanded I go get her. So I brought her downstairs and laid her down to play so I could finish working out. She started playing and I was able to do the Ripped Arms & Abs workout. Even though it’s says Ripped Arms AND Abs, I don’t really feel like my abs are being worked too much. I have been thinking of adding a few extra crunches to my workouts but haven’t decided yet. I replaced the yoga with the POP Pilates because I really like the Pilates so much more. Peanut even rolled onto her tummy. Guess she wanted to do Pilates with her mommy. šŸ™‚

30DSC Day 7

I can’t believe it has been 7 days already! Woot! Day 7 had me doing 80 squats. I was going to take the suggestion of another blogger and do my squats closer together with crunches and push-ups in between. Since Peanut woke up halfway through my workout, I just did them to get them over with. The 80 squats weren’t that bad. I think my legs are starting to get use to all the squats, at least I hope so.

Playing while I workout

Playing while I workout

Evy trying to do pilates like her mommy

Peanut trying to do Pilates like her mommy

Snuggling after my workout

Snuggling after my workout


Comments on: "BeFit in 90- Day 26/ 30 Day Squat Challenge Day 7" (10)

  1. I have a wonderful stomack exercise that does not involve doing crunches. I showed two of them here… The Melt it off with Mitch is my favorite. I began that with 2.5lb weights in each hand and am now up to

    • Wow! That sounds awesome! Is the Melt it off with Mitch a video you have to buy or is it free on youtube?

      • It’s a video I bought from Ebay used.. for like $5,, I think you could certainly try the moves you find on YouTube and add them in instead of doing the complete workout and still get results… At least that is what I am doing…

      • Cool. Thanks! I’ll let you know what I think! šŸ™‚

      • I wish I was brave enough to photograph my stomach and show you my two back and clearly defined vertical muscle. Alas due to a C-section my lower abs aren’t something I’m willing to show.

      • I understand since I still have major belly pouch from having my daughter but you should still love your stomach even with the scar. šŸ™‚ Like I said I definitely understand

      • Don’t hate it just don’t want to reveal it to the world,… I am very proud of the muscle tone I’ve developed and just wanted to make that point as the Melt it Off with Mitch using weights is how I’ve done it.. I ‘ve been thin most of my life until I hit 40 and my mother got sick.. but never did I have muscle tone like this!!!!

      • That’s great that you don’t hate it šŸ™‚ I am glad you got some great muscle tone. I am working on that!

  2. mymotherlied2me said:

    Aw, your daughter is adorable!

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