Becoming the best me I can be

Day 29

I will survive!!! Woot woot! After looking at the playlist for Day 29, I could have swore BeFit in 90 was trying to kill me! A TRIPLE strength day!!!! Seriously??? Day 29 consists of the Warm-up, the Chest, Legs, and Buns workout, the Back and Shoulders workout, and the Ripped Arms and Abs workout. Holy crap! I did it though!!! All of it! I am so proud of myself. I did take water breaks in between workouts (as well as squats) but I did them all! Woohoo!

I really love chest flies! I love the way they feel. They are one of my favorite workouts. I also love lateral raises even though my arms hate me for them. I love the challenge they give me. I know they’re working. I can feel it. Even though I don’t necessarily want to do three strength workouts everyday, I just love how I feel now that they are over. I know I was really challenged today and it makes me feel awesome. I love being able to say “Yep, I did it!”. It feels so rewarding! Let’s just hope I can keep up that attitude at work tonight LOL

30DSC Day 10

I broke my squats up throughout my BeFit in 90 workout. My legs were ready to surrender by the last 5 squats. Let me tell you! My legs were shaking and everything. It’s mainly due to the first strength workout since it worked my legs as well. But I did survive! LOL

After THREE strength workouts and 105 squats, I still manage to smile!

After THREE strength workouts and 105 squats, I still manage to smile!

Comments on: "BeFit in 90 Day 29/ 30 Day Squat Challenge Day 10" (5)

  1. congrats! I love strength training!!!

  2. Good gain. Way to go!

  3. Sounds like things are going well over there!

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