Becoming the best me I can be

Day 33

Rest Day! Much needed rest day if you ask me. My knees have been sore so a rest day was much needed. Although I admit, I had some “accidental” exercise. haha! My team’s Relay for Life event started this evening and I walked 2.57 miles around the track. I had great fun and will be posting about it soon.

Day 34

After the family and I woke up this morning, we got ready and headed to the Relay for Life event again. I walked 2.35 miles today as well. We were there for a few hours spending time with friends and family. I had a wonderful time! After we left Relay, we ran errands and did some of grocery shopping. I had a lot going on and honestly forgot all about my BeFit in 90 workout today. Thankfully, Hubby reminded me at 11:10pm that I didn’t do my workout for today. Better late than never!!! I changed into my workout clothes, pulled up youtube, and did my workout. I am so thankful for my hubby. He is so amazing and supportive of my workout goals! I love him so much!

Now on to the actual workout! Day 34 consisted of the Warm-up 2, the Six Pack Abs and Arms, the Cardio Booster (I did the Fat-Burning Cardio from the first set), and the Sports Stretch. I am really happy with the Six Pack Abs and Arms. I felt like the first Abs and Arms workout didn’t work the abs enough. Well, the second video really works them! My abs will be sore tomorrow! That’s for sure. I am happy about it too! I am working hard to be able to finish the first Cardio workout. I want to finish it before I start working on the second one. The mountain climbers and burpees are what really kill me. My stomach gets in the way of properly executing the mountain climbers and the up and down of the burpees makes me extremely dizzy. I hopefully both of these will get easier as I lose more weight. I can only hope.

I am just in love with the Sports Stretch. It feels so good and relaxing. I thought I loved the first stretch workout but it has nothing on this new one. I just love the way it stretches me. I’ve really needed it this week. My body has really been sore this week so this stretch was heavenly!

Loving family at Relay for Life 2013

Loving family at Relay for Life 2013


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