Becoming the best me I can be

Day 35

I hope everyone had a happy Father’s Day! Day 35 consisted of the Warm-up 2, Ripped Back & Shoulders, the Cardio MMA Phase 2, and Yoga. Instead of doing the Warm-up 2, Hubby, Peanut and I went on a 2.47 mile walk. I considered that enough of a warm up. I am still using 3lbs weights for the Ripped Back & Shoulders. The workout used new muscles and I am struggling to get through the workout with just the 3lb weights. I currently can’t imagine using the 5lbs weights yet but I know I will soon enough. I really love the workout. It is very challenging for me and that’s what I like.

Speaking of stuff I like, I just LOVE the new Cardio MMA! It is so awesome. I just love the elbow, elbow! haha! The whole workout is awesome and I can’t help but smiling while I do it. It makes me sweat and really pushes me. I love it! I wish the yoga was the same. I don’t know why but I am finding it hard to enjoy the yoga. While I do like this one better than the first, I still feel very clumsy and uncoordinated when I do it. I just can’t relax like I should. So many people talk about how enjoyable yoga is and how relaxed they feel during it. Plus, the benefits of doing yoga is outstanding but I just don’t feel it yet. I don’t know why. The worse part is I WANT to like doing yoga. Hmmm… Hopefully is comes with time.

Day 36

Rest day!!!! I love working out but I also love my rest days. LOL! I spent the day cleaning and playing on the floor with Peanut. We even had fun taking pictures. I posted some below for your amusement. LOL I love her so darn much! ❀

Acting like goofyballs LOL

Acting like goofyballs LOL

Peanut took her own picture. I just love it!

Peanut took her own picture. I just love it!

She surprised me and grabbed my nose. I was too busy looking at the camera and not watching her hands. haha

She surprised me and grabbed my nose. I was too busy looking at the camera and not watching her hands. haha

It's blurry but I just love it. You can just see the love and bond we have :)

It’s blurry but I just love it. You can just see the love and bond we have πŸ™‚



Comments on: "BeFit in 90 Days 35 and 36" (6)

  1. I think if you stick with the yoga you will find that the feeling of being clumsy and uncoordinated will go away…I saw it is a challenge and really learned to breathe into it , which made all the difference. I love the stretching parts as well and do them every morning and night and has really helped with muscle pain as I increased my weights…I love your attitude !!!!

    • Thanks! I am really hoping the clumsy feeling goes away. I have been trying to focus on my breath rather than how I look. It has been helping so thanks for the advice πŸ˜€ I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels (or felt) clumsy

  2. I’ve got terrible balance, but love yoga, I feel clumsy but once I stop caring that I’m falling all over myself I get into it more, and don’t care. Maybe more time doing it, maybe just letting yourself get fully comfy will do the trick, and trying not to think of yourself as clumsy would help some, it only makes it worse when I think I’m being clumsy. LOL
    You look so adorable with Peanut, that last photo shows so much love and adoration she has for her momma. Its beautiful, thank you for sharing not just your fitness progress but Peanuts growing smiles.

    Keep it up!

    • Awe! You’re welcome! I just love my little Peanut and love sharing her bright smile. She has been a very happy, content baby from birth. Even before she was born. My pregnancy with her was a breeze. I was and I still am a very lucky mama.

      I like the balance part of yoga as well as the stretches. I have more problems with flowing through the positions or just changing from one pose to another. I will keep trying and hopefully it will get easier πŸ˜€

  3. Great job with your workouts! I think it’s so vital to enjoy them or else they seem like torture. And your Peanut is absolutely adorable! Those pictures made me smile :). So glad I found your blog, you’re an inspiration!

    • Thanks so much. I don’t really feel like an inspiration but I am glad you find me inspiring πŸ˜€ I guess I have a mindset that only people who have already reached their goals can be an inspiration instead of someone like me who has so far to go. I’m glad the pictures made you smile. Peanut is my sunshine πŸ˜€

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