Becoming the best me I can be

Day 37

Cardio Day! Day 37 consisted of the Warm-up 2, the Cardio Booster (I did a double zumba), the Cardio MMA Phase 2, and the Sports Stretch. Peanut decided she didn’t want to take her nap for me and I had to go to work yesterday so I worked out while she played in the living room. She had fun staring at me trying to figure out what I was doing and I talked to her (when I had the breath). It was a pretty easy workout day. I know I said it before but I really like the new Cardio MMA πŸ˜€

Day 38

Today was a good day and a not so good day. On one hand I had aΒ  great day with family and a great workout. I’m still sweating (I had a late workout). Unfortunately, my family and I went to a restaurant and I ate WAY more than I should have. Ugh! I haven’t felt this heavy from food in so long. I’m not beating myself up too much because there’s always tomorrow.

Anyways, Day 38 consisted of the Warm-up 2, the Butt, Legs, and Chest workout, the Cardio MMA Phase 2, and Yoga. The Butt, Legs and Chest workout still seems too easy. I did use the 3lbs weights this time so I will definitely be using the 5lbs weights next time and every time thereafter. The Cardio MMA had me sweating up a storm. Loved it.

I am still trying hard to do the yoga. I did like it a bit more today, which is good. I really enjoy the balance poses towards the end of the video. I really like the balance ones. Hopefully I will continue to like the others more as I do them πŸ˜€


Comments on: "BeFit in 90- Days 37 and 38" (2)

  1. Some of the first memories I really have of my mom were of her doing Jane Fonda in our basement. I would sneak to the top of the stairs and sit there and watch her. I sometimes would even go downstairs and sit with her to just watch her workout.

    • That’s awesome. I honestly don’t ever remember seeing my mother exercise. I have no memories of it at least. It’s great you were able to watch your mom exercise and showed an interest in it πŸ˜€

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