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Have you ever heard of It works! Wraps? I didn’t until yesterday. I read about it on a fellow blog and was curious. I read about it, figured its another one of those fad weight loss/diet/beauty-product schemes and didn’t think anything else about it. Then today I saw a friend on Facebook tried the wrap (showed her own before and after picture) and how it worked for her. She has even become a distributor and is having a debut party. I have looked into it a little more and it really seems to make sense. I am very tempted to try it and see what I think but money is tight and it costs $25 for one wrap. While that really isn’t that much, it is more than I would like to spend on something I am unsure of. I would also have to convince Hubby of why I’m spending $25 on one wrap (when he’d rather use the money for a video game). This is what my friend said about the wraps…

“its a wrap with botanically-based formula on it, that you wrap around your body, then wrap with cling wrap. It tightens, tones and firms the area wrapped.”

There are claims of the wrap tightening and toning the skin around the problem area as well as losing inches. It also claims to shrink fat cells by cleansing them with the botanical ingredients and flushing them by drinking at least half your body weight in ounces each day for 72 hours.

I will still be eating healthy and exercising. I don’t plan to use the wrap to replace my healthy lifestyle rather to complement it. Why not try the wrap and help me on my journey? Like I said, I’m torn about whether or not to try it. I’d love to hear your opinions of the It works! Wraps and any personal experiences/stories about it. Do you guys think I should try it?

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Comments on: "What do you think of It works! Wraps?" (22)

  1. My question regarding these , “Is it a temporary result for a special night out? ” since it is water weight and does it just come back afterwards????

  2. I tried it on a friend to try it out. We measured her first and left the wrap on after coming back to it and taking it off her measurements did drop a tad. I personally still prefer working out and taking the correct supplements. I began doing Turbo Fire with Chalene on my website I love it, I enjoy the training because it doesn’t feel like I am forced to work out she trains, motivates, and have fun all while working out your body. I have insanity and have successfully achieved it, but I do not feel turbo fire is as intense as insanity. I like the fact it is not as intense because my strength is not that strong and with Turbo Fire I can put my all in and see more results; instead of trying to catch up or not do the forms correct. I say to you try It Works! keep in mind everyone body frames are different and everyone takes to it differently. My friend lost a few inches and you may loose more or none.

    • It doesn’t really seem worth the money to me. I did more research and it just doesn’t seem worthwhile. It seems like more of a quick fix than a long term solution.

      • It is not worth the money. I will never talk bad about another weigh loss program, but I prefer naturally working out and the correct supplements. Rubbing things on my stomach is not my form of idea of working hard at what I want.

      • I agree. Nothing feels better than a good workout. I don’t really take supplements but I want to start

    • I have been considering doing either TurboFire or Insanity after I do the BeFit in 90. I haven’t really decided what I want to do yet. Which would you recommend for someone my size (251 lbs)?

      • how is your tolerance? Do you like kick boxing? Insanity made me feel like I was in the service and was constantly being drilled. What are your weight loss goals? I cannot just suggest anything without knowing a little information. I like to help people figure out the right program not just give them something they will never use again. if you would like to email me at I can further assist you.

      • I absolutely LOVE kickboxing. I use to take kickboxing classes but I can’t afford to pay for kickboxing classes right now. All the punches, kicks, and such are really fun for me. My weight loss goals are posted on my Goals page but I am hoping to lose 100 pounds and I am almost at my first goal of losing 20 pounds. I like to be pushed to try harder especially when I know I can give more than I am.

  3. I have thought about doing the wraps once I get more of the squishy off so hopefully help with my post-pregnancy stretch marks.

    • This has made me want to do my own homemade body wraps or fancy homemade body scrubs. I have quite a few recipes from pinterest and a bunch from my massage therapy spa class.

  4. I rather just work out with my in home videos and drink my healthy shakes.

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