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Ok. I have to admit it before it gets any worse. I have been eating terrible this week. I know I have no excuse but the previous week, I had terrible IBS symptoms from eating lots of dark green veggies. I was eating broccoli, spinach, and other healthy foods were causing me so much discomfort. I even missed a day of work because I couldn’t leave the bathroom. It was embarrassing and so frustrating. It got to the point last weekend when I got tired of trying to eat healthy and having the problems worsen instead of get better.

So this week I played it safe with foods less healthy but less likely to upset my stomach including lots of sandwiches, eggs, chicken, turkey burgers, etc. I also ate a lot less fruits and veggies this week. To make matters even worse, I have also skipped breakfast 2 or 3 times this week. It’s just been a terrible week for me. On the plus side, I have been sticking to my exercise routine and adding extra cardio. But it is still not enough. I am anxious about stepping on the scale on Sunday.

One of the main reasons I started this journey was to “fix” my stomach issues. My doctor diagnosed me with IBS and suggested I started increasing my fiber by A LOT. The more fiber I eat, the worse my stomach issues are. This includes the high fiber cereals he suggested, taking fiber tablets, eating dark greens, etc. I ate what he wanted and it got worse. It is getting to the point where I’m so frustrated I could cry. Its a vicious cycle.

I have stomach issues. Eat healthier. Still have stomach aches. Go to doctor. Doctor says eat fiber. I eat fiber. Stomach aches get worse.

I am spending the next few days looking for a diet for people with IBS and I will try it. Hopefully this will help me and I won’t feel quite so frustrated. Let hope this works because I NEED something to make this better. I prefer naturally over medication anyway. What I’ve read so far, it seems as though eating more fiber is the worse thing I could do with IBS. That sound right to me.


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  1. I hate to say this… But there is no one diet for people who suffer from IBS. It effects everyone differently. If fiber is the culprit – maybe try to balance it with something that isn’t so fiberous. Also you can try taking vitamin B-12, it usually helps balance out the digestive track- in particularly people with IBS. Maybe don’t cut out all leafy greens- but decrease them? Or eat them with something. Your diet should really be more balanced. Your body could be trying to tell you that through your stomach pains. If your main goal is to lose weight- your diet should be mostly protien. It is digested slowly and is all important in burning fat and building lean muscle. Although fruits and vegetables are important- your body needs protien to function properly and you can’t get all the nutrients you need from vegetables and fruits. If you need fiber, try beans? They are a good source of fiber and protien. You need to figure out what your triggers are- and only then can you create a diet that works for you. You can do low carbs, low fat/sugar- high in protien. You also may want to watch the acid and sugar in some fruits- they might be doing you more harm than good. I love oranges and oj- but can’t eat them because I’d immeadately be stuck in the bathroom. I know your pain. Trust me I’m speaking from experience. I was diagnosed with IBS 10 years ago.

    • I agree. I am just trying to start somewhere and fit it to my own needs. I am just hoping I can find something to make it better or not as bad. I know I will live with this forever but I just want it to get more managable. I have been taking some tips from Help for IBS and they have been working so far. Thanks for your support 🙂

  2. mymotherlied2me said:

    Hey! I am a fellow or former ibs’r! I can honestly say, for myself, it got better before it got worse. For me, my body went through a two week cleanse! Cycling the gross food out and welcoming and teaching my body about the healthy food was painful yet rewarding.

    I no longer struggle with IBS nor do I get the runs… My bowel movements have become regular and normal. (Sorry, tmi)

    I know it hurts, but really try and cycle through. Your body is learning how to be healthy, don’t quit it!

    • Thanks! I am just trying a more gentle approach which includes more protein and soluble fiber in my diet. It has been helping a lot. I was even able to eat a small amount of broccoli without any terrible side effects. I don’t want to stop eating healthy. I just want to eat healthy in a way that won’t irritate my IBS more than it has to.

  3. I think it takes time and may be a slow process. Maybe you introduced too many healthy foods at once and it was just too much for your system. I can imagine how frustrating that is. Hang in there and try not to beat yourself up too much. This has nothing to do with IBS, but have you ever read “Women, Food, and God,” by Geneen Roth? I read it a few years ago and thought it was great.

    • I think this is true. I need to take my time adding more veggies to my diet instead of overloading it with as much as I was. I am taking a slower and more cautious route now. So far it’s been working. I haven’t read that book but I will try to find it and read it 😀

  4. I don’t have IBS so I can’t say anything from personal experience, but I’d agree with mymotherlied2me from what i’ve read time is needed to eliminate the things that cause the problem before you see an improvement. From what I’ve noticed in my reading is that inflammation is blamed for a lot of these types of disorders and some people are having success with paleo type diets as they eliminate inflammatory foods.

    Some of the links in my favourites folder are:

    I hope you find something that works for you soon!!

    • Thanks! I’ll be checking out these links. I have been adding more protein and rice to my diet and it’s been helping greatly. I will be posting about it as I try new things and find a diet that works for me. 😀

  5. Just discovered your blog and totally share your frustration. I’ve been having a really hard
    time with my IBS recently too. What I’ve found that does, touch wood, seem to be helping is a high soluble fibre diet. Key word is soluble. I’ve found green veggies to be bad for my digestion like you even though I thought they were good IBS foods. Have a look at It’s really helpful about the different kinds of fibre and how soluble helps both diarrhoea and constipation type IBS. I wrote a blog post about it if you fancy a read:

    • I have been looking at and it is helpful. I have been eating more protein and rice along with other soluble fiber. It has really been helping and I feel so much better. Thank you for your suggestions. I’ll be posting about how I’m doing and what I try.

      • Oh I’m so glad to hear my suggestion helped and didn’t make it worse! IBS seems so individual doesn’t it, never know what helps me will help others. Look forward to reading your posts about how you’ve got on.

      • I am so happy it is working too! I have been adding soluble fiber to most of my meals including oatmeal, bananas, and lots and lots of rice (my new best friend). It is crazy how individualized IBS can be. I don’t have many problems with fruits (other than apples) or beans (other than lots of farts) whereas I know many people with IBS have major issues with these. My biggest issue is with insoluble fiber, greasy foods, fatty foods (bacon is not my friend) and dark greens. My stomach has gotten so much better as I either eliminate or drastically decrease these foods and increase the soluble fiber and protein in my diet. I am currently writing a post about it and should post it today or tomorrow 😀

  6. I’m sorry you’re having so much trouble with your diet! I bet it’s ridiculously frustrating to try to live a healthy lifestyle only to get rewarded with discomfort. Keep trudging along girlie, I’m routing for you!

    • It is very very frustrating. But being healthy is worth the frustration and I will continue to strive towards it. It was a hard lesson for me to learn but I realize now that what is healthy for some people might not be as beneficial to me. Everyone is unique and reacts differently to different foods. I just have to keep working and keep trying different things until I find a healthy diet for me. It will be hard, annoying and frustrating but I know its worth it 😀

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