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Healthy Eating Update

If you read my post from last week about having a bad dietary week, you will know I have been very frustrated with eating healthy. The more I had tried to eat healthy foods that were “good for me” the more upset my stomach became. I have been doing research, followed suggestions left in the comments and reading a lot of information from the website This combined effort has helped me tremendously and I have learn a lot.

The first extremely helpful piece of information I learned is the difference between insoluble fiber and soluble fiber. I had believed I was fiber intolerant or something because the more fiber I was eating the worse my symptoms became. What I didn’t realize was I was eating too much of the wrong type of fiber. The dark leafy greens I was eating are high in insoluble fiber and it was irritating my stomach… A LOT! I read on the website that many IBS sufferers cannot eat large amounts of insoluble fiber or like me eat very very little. Insoluble fiber is in numerous healthy foods and was a large cause of my stomach woes. But what am I to do? I want to eat healthy. I NEED to be healthy. How can I eat healthy without eating healthy foods?

It’s all about HOW I eat those healthy foods and the quantities I eat. I learned soluble fiber is my new best friend. Soluble fiber becomes gel-like in the stomach and intestines. This makes the stomach feel fuller, slows down digestion (which I really need) and is great for colon health. I have been eating more soluble fiber and I eat it first. I have cut down fatty foods (wasn’t eating that much to begin with) and fatty meats. I am eating more rice, oatmeal, bananas and protein. I have been eating these four foods and they have made such a difference. I am pleasantly surprised! I feel so much less bloated, barely any stomach aches and I haven’t been spending most of the week in the bathroom. I even had broccoli with the rice and chicken (I made chicken stir fry) and it didn’t upset my stomach. I just made sure to eat the rice first and the broccoli last.

I will continue to post about the different foods and methods I try as I get a grip on my IBS 😀

I am so happy and excited. I can live with this way of eating.

Hungry Bowl with Rice for Hunger

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Comments on: "Healthy Eating Update" (6)

  1. Victoria said:

    That’s so great! I am very bad for not incorporating fibre into my diet – I’m going to give your ideas a try and see if it helps (I suffer from stomach and digestion issues constantly).

  2. So happy to read this approach is working for you! It’s making a difference to me too, far from perfect gut wise but progress.

  3. I’m glad you found the culprit behind your stomach problems!

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