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I’ve made a plan

As you might have noticed from my posts (and lack of posts), I’ve been having a VERY difficult time transitioning to the last 30 days of the BeFit in 90. The workouts went from moderately challenging to hardcore (for someone like me who is very out of shape at least). Even with modifications, I’m really struggling with this. It has gotten to the point where I don’t even want to workout. I’ve been eating healthy (made delicious chicken taco soup for dinner. yum yum) but I know healthy eating is only part of a healthy lifestyle. I don’t want the hard work I’ve put in the past couple months to go down the drain just because I’m having a hard time transitioning. I’ve spent the past week or two really thinking about what I can do to make this easier.

While I was thinking about it this evening, I had an Aha moment. My whole issue is transitioning from the second 30 days of the program to the last 30 days. Why don’t I make the transition easier by adding another 30 days with both workouts in it! So I’ll be turning BeFit in 90 into BeFit in 120. I’m going to be redoing days 31-60 using the days as a general guideline. I plan on increasing my weights during the strength training videos, using the different plyo videos for the cardio and I also hope to add extra push-ups and squats to the workouts for extra strength. Each day will vary in intensity but hopefully it will give me the motivation I need. I’ll still be working out and the workouts will be a lot harder but they won’t be so hard that I have no interest in doing them. I’m hoping this extra 30 day transition will give me the extra strength and stamina I need to get through the last 30 days as instructed.

I’ll start implementing my new plan tomorrow. I’ll definitely keep you guys updated and will start posting more often. I am truly sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’ll try to make it up to you guys.

Wonderful day for a walk

Last week was finally so much cooler than last week. I took Peanut on a walk to the park. I also took homemade chicken noodle soup to Hubby’s uncle since his aunt is still in the hospital. Peanut was so excited and happy to go for a walk. I definitely plan on taking her on more walks since it’s getting cooler out again.

Peanut was VERY excited to go for a walk. Can you tell?

Peanut was VERY excited to go for a walk. Can you tell?

She missed her swing

She missed her swing

We sat on the big purple dinosaur.

We sat on the big purple dinosaur.

She looks so thoughtful. I love this picture.

She looks so thoughtful. I love this picture.


BeFit in 90- Days 56, 57 and 58

Day 56- Saturday

The first workout I did after being sick all week. It felt great working out again. I missed moving and strengthening my body. It felt great. The double strength workouts really kicked my butt back in gear too. Day 56 consisted of the Warm-up 2, Ripped Back and Shoulders, Six Pack Abs and Arms, and Yoga.

Day 57

Rest Day!!!!

Day 58

Double Cardio! I already sweat enough on double cardio days but add in the heat this week (still no AC) and I felt like I could have filled the bathtub with sweat. **Sorry for the mental image LOL** I didn’t realize how much I missed doing the cardio until I was halfway through the second cardio video. Day 58 consisted of the Warm-up 2, Cardio MMA Phase 2, Cardio Booster (I did the Fat Blast video from my Kickboxing DVD) and the Sports Stretch. It felt great! I was really sore by bedtime though.

Motivation for after my vacation

I am starting up my workouts again today. I have been looking forward to it and I’m excited to start up. I truly am but there is always that annoying lazy voice in my head that doesn’t want to. You guys know what I’m talking about. The lazy son of a b**** that got me in this mess to start with. Haha! As a way to keep myself motivated and looking forward to the week of getting back in the game, I decided to do another motivation post. I know this is the month of vacations so I thought this would help you guys get motivated too.

I got all but one of these pictures from Skinny Ms. Fitness’s facebook page. She’s awesome and always posts awesome and funny statuses. You should check her out 😀

motivation3 motivation4 motivation6 motivation7 motivation8 motivation9 motivation10This last one is from Positive Inspirational Quotes


BeFit in 90- Days, 50, 51 and 52

Working out makes me happy LOL Oh, and these are my new glasses :)

Working out makes me happy LOL Oh, and these are my new glasses 🙂

Day 50

Rest Day!!!!

Day 51

It was an overall easy day but harder than I thought it would be. Another double cardio day but with another little twist. Instead of one MMA and one cardio booster, they had me do two MMA workouts. Day 51 went like this.. The Warm-Up 2, Cardio MMA Phase 2, Cardio MMA Phase 2, and Yoga. The Cardio MMA Phase 2 is usually pretty easy for me so I didn’t think this was going to be that much of a workout. The hot weather added to the sweating. That’s for sure. My hip flexors were on fire from all the kicks in the workout. It made the workout a lot harder than I thought it would be making it a great workout.

Day 52

Today was a moderate workout. Day 52 consisted of the Warm-up 2, the Butt, Legs and Chest workout, Cardio MMA Phase 2 and the Sports Stretch. The Butt, Legs and Chest workout was fine. I have been debating on bumping my hand weights up to 8lbs during this workout but I don’t really see the point when my workouts will be changing soon. I haven’t decided. I enjoy using the weights with squats. The Cardio MMA Phase 2 was fine other than my hip flexors still being sore from yesterdays workout. The kicks were pretty challenging. The Sports Stretch felt amazing. I love stretching 😀

BeFit in 90- Day 49

Today Peanut was showing her Nana how big she's getting.

Today Peanut was showing her Nana how big she’s getting.

I really didn’t want to workout today. There is no excuse other than plain laziness. I did everything in my powerful to not workout. I made excuses, procrastinated, and every other thing I could to put off working out today. First excuse, Peanut let me sleep in. By the time I could have worked out, it was noon and too hot to workout without a fan. Second excuse, I had to leave for my in-laws right away because we were going to go to Blue Marsh (a lake to swim but the weather didn’t let us go). Third excuse, we didn’t get home until 5:30 and I had to make dinner. Fourth excuse, it was too hot and I had to wait for it to cool down. Fifth excuse, it’s 9pm and I’m too tired to workout. Sixth excuse, Hubby is going to bed. I can just do it tomorrow. I even went to bed with him but my conscience refused to let me. So I dragged myself out of bed at 11pm, put on my workout clothes, got myself plenty of water and gatorade and I worked out…

Boy, am I so glad I worked out today. I know I should have worked out much much much earlier today but it is better late than never. I feel so much better now! Day 49 consisted of the Warm-up 2, the Butt, Chest and Legs workout, the Back and Shoulders workout and the Sports Stretch. Double strength training day! It felt great though! I was sweating like crazy because it is hot (summer time), we don’t have any air conditioners and the fan was in the bedroom. It looked like I ran out into the rain. haha! The more you sweat, the better you detox! 😀 I used the 5lb weights during the Butt, Chest and Legs workout like I usually do. I didn’t think about changing them down to the 3 lb weights like I usually do for the Back and Shoulders. I made it 3/4ths of the way through before my shoulders were on fire and I had to switch them to the lower weight. I’ll be feeling it tomorrow! Well, today since it’s almost 1am. haha!

BeFit in 90- Days 47 and 48

Sorry I am late posting this! I thought I had hit publish but I guess I didn’t and it went to my drafts. I am posting it now technically two days late. Oops!

Day 47

Rest Day! It worked out nicely because I had to work in the evening and I didn’t have to exhaust myself beforehand. I enjoyed a nice relaxing day 🙂

Day 48

Today was a nice challenging workout but it wasn’t too challenging. It was a nice blend 😀 Day 48 consisted of the Warm-up 2, Six Pack Abs and Arms, Cardio Booster (I did the Fat Blast dvd) and yoga. The V-sits are a killer! I love it though. It really makes my abs ache. I am just loving the Fat Blast workout. I was gasping for air and drenched in sweat by the time I was done. It is longer than the other workout video but I really enjoy it. I was so relieved to be finished when it was over! It is truly a challenge. They picked a great title for it! I wish I would have remembered this workout at the beginning of BeFit in 90! I had to take a break to get my breath back before I could do the yoga. It felt amazing to stretch out all my sore muscles from today’s workout!

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