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I resisted the temptation

Hubby and I had errands to run today. Since the weather is getting nice in our area, we went to Walmart for lawn care equipment. After we checked out, Hubby said he wanted a pretzel from Auntie Anne’s. I don’t know if you’ve ever tasted the crunchy, salty goodness of Auntie Anne’s but I love their pretzels. I had eaten really good for the past few days so I didn’t see the harm in one pretzel. We get to the counter and I ask the man standing there if the pretzels contain any dairy. He pulls out a chart, shows me that no, original pretzels don’t contain any dairy. I happily order a pretzel for my husband and myself. After we pay for the pretzels, the guy asks me if I have a milk allergy or if I just chose not to eat it. I tell him I have an allergy. Then he tells me they put butter on the pretzels. Seriously!!! He lets me buy them BEFORE he tells me they have butter. As we walked to the car, I was having a mental battle going on in my head of whether or not to eat the pretzel.

“It’s only a little butter”
“Butter is dairy. You can’t have dairy”
“But its an Auntie Anne’s pretzel!!!!”
“You shouldn’t get the pretzel in the first place so NO you may not eat it”

It went back and forth for a while but I was starting to resist the temptation. Then we got into the car. My goodness, it smelled so good in the car. By this point, I had decided I wouldn’t eat the pretzel but it was so hard to sit in the car smelling them, listening to my husband eat both of them, and watching him dip them in yummy caramel. I had to look out the window, put my window down and breathe through my mouth.

I didn’t give in! I resisted the overwhelming temptation and I didn’t give in! I’m so proud of myself!

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