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BeFit in 90- Day 46

I passed the halfway point!!! Woohoo!

My hamstrings are super sore today from my workout yesterday. The Sports Stretch felt great at the end of my workout. Day 46 consisted of the Warm-up 2, the Back and Shoulders workout, the Cardio MMA Phase 2 and the Sports Stretch. The Back and Shoulders workout felt nice. It is still a challenging workout with the 3lbs weights. My arms feel like lead afterwards. The Cardio MMA felt refreshing. It is definitely not as intense as the Fat Blast I did yesterday. That was a killer. I loved it though. As I said the Sports Stretch felt amazing today. It felt so nice to stretch out. It really stretched my hamstrings and glutes. Boy, did I need it too! It was a great workout! Woohoo!

BeFit in 90- Days 41, 42 and 43

Sorry it took me so long to post these. This weekend was busy. I celebrated 5 years of dating my husband by going to the movies to see Man of Steel, got new glasses, cleaned, spent most of yesterday with family, ran errands, and I’m trying to learn more about soluble fiber. I’ll try to post more 🙂

Day 41

I did my workout before getting ready for our date night. It was the first date night we had without anyone else. Just Hubby and I. It was really nice but I was very excited to see my Peanut after the movie. Anyways, day 41 consisted of the Warm-up 2, Ripped Abs and Arms, Cardio MMA Phase 2 and yoga. The Ripped Abs and Arms workout is still on the easier side but the abs workouts are much better this time than last month. The V sits are killer. My whole body shakes as I sit there awkwardly and pulse my arms. It’s so hard to do it the whole time… and I love it! My biggest issue with the last ab workout was the lack of a workout. My abs weren’t even sore before but they are now. I’m very glad because I want to work my abs hard. I had very strong abs before my pregnancy and I want strong abs again. I’ll get there. It just takes time. The Cardio MMA made me sweat and it was a nice workout. I am starting to like the yoga video more. I know it will take time and I have the time to give.

Day 42

Double strength training day! I spent most of the day at my in-laws house so I didn’t get to do my workout until after Peanut’s bedtime. At least it made me me tired for bedtime. Day 42 consisted of the Warm-up 2, the Back and Shoulders workout, the Ripped Abs and Arms workout and the Sports Stretch. My arms really felt this workout. I have a hard enough time completing the Back and Shoulders by itself so it was a good challenge to complete both. Plus my abs were still a bit sore from the Ripped Abs and Arms workout yesterday. All in all it was a great workout 🙂

Day 43

Rest day!!!! Today was a busy day filled with errands, a tired baby, lots of heat, board games and yummy chicken stir-fry. It was a wonderful day. I feel so blessed 🙂

BeFit in 90 Days 39 and 40

Day 39

This workout was nice workout. Day 39 consisted of the Warm-up 2, the Back & Shoulders workout, Cardio Booster (I did Zumba) and the Sports Stretch. The Back and Shoulders workout is still very challenging but I am not quite so sore from it the next day. Thankfully. Now I can pick up Peanut afterwards. haha! I doubled up my Zumba to get a better workout so I have more cardio this week. This is great since I feel as though I need more cardio in my week and it’s one of my weekly goals.

I am just LOVING the Sports Stretch. It feels amazing. Especially the move that stretches out the glutes. It feels amazing. Hubby was watching TV while I was working out and stretching. I said to him “I love this position. It feels good on my butt.” He started cracking up and making fun of me. I didn’t mean it in a perverted way but of course, that’s how he took it. It made us both crack up laughing.

Day 40

Rest Day!!! I really wanted to do some extra cardio but I spent her nap time cleaning instead. We had friends coming over and I wanted the house to look extra clean. I also worked today.

Current Front View

Current Front View

Current Side View

Current Side View

BeFit in 90- Day 26/ 30 Day Squat Challenge Day 7

Day 26

Another double strength training day! It wasn’t too bad though. This week has really been focusing on the arms. I don’t mind though! Day 26 consisted of the Warm-up, Back & Shoulders workout, Ripped Arms & Abs workout, and the yoga cool-down (yet again, I replaced this with the POP Pilates cool-down. It’s so much nicer). By the time I finished the Back & Shoulders workout, Peanut decided she was done with her nap and demanded I go get her. So I brought her downstairs and laid her down to play so I could finish working out. She started playing and I was able to do the Ripped Arms & Abs workout. Even though it’s says Ripped Arms AND Abs, I don’t really feel like my abs are being worked too much. I have been thinking of adding a few extra crunches to my workouts but haven’t decided yet. I replaced the yoga with the POP Pilates because I really like the Pilates so much more. Peanut even rolled onto her tummy. Guess she wanted to do Pilates with her mommy. 🙂

30DSC Day 7

I can’t believe it has been 7 days already! Woot! Day 7 had me doing 80 squats. I was going to take the suggestion of another blogger and do my squats closer together with crunches and push-ups in between. Since Peanut woke up halfway through my workout, I just did them to get them over with. The 80 squats weren’t that bad. I think my legs are starting to get use to all the squats, at least I hope so.

Playing while I workout

Playing while I workout

Evy trying to do pilates like her mommy

Peanut trying to do Pilates like her mommy

Snuggling after my workout

Snuggling after my workout

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