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Measurements and Body Fat Percentage- 6/17/13

Time for my measurements again! I am really happy with the results too! Woot woot!

Bust 45 1/2
Chest 37
Waist 40
Navel 45 1/2
Hips 50
R Thigh 26 1/2
R Calf 17 1/2
L Thigh 26 1/2
L Calf 18 1/2
R Up Arm 15 1/2
R Forearm 12
L Up Arm 16
L Forearm 12
Neck 15

Here is how many inches I’ve lost total so far:

Bust -2
Chest -1 1/2
Waist -2
Navel -5
Hips -1
R Thigh -1
R Calf -1
L Thigh -1 1/2
L Calf  0
R Up Arm -1 1/2
R Forearm 0
L Up Arm -1/2
L Forearm 0
Neck -1

Total Inches Lost= -18

I am really happy with the results too! Woot woot! 🙂

Body Fat Percentage

I added my new measurements and weight into the Body Fat Calculator. To see if anything has changed…

Beginning Stats

Body Fat: 53%
Fat Mass: 138lbs
Lean Mass: 122lbs
Body Fat Category: Obese

Current Stats

Body Fat: 51%
Fat Mass: 128lbs
Lean Mass: 122lbs
Body Fat Category: Obese

Woohoo! I’ve lost a total of 2% body fat and 1% since the last time I took my measurements. I am really happy!

Body Fat Percentage- June 8, 2013

I had Lissa from If Not For the Skinny Jeans comment on this weekly update asking me if I had ever tried calculating my body fat percentage as a more accurate indicator than watching the scale. I finally got around to doing it! LOL I looked through a couple free online body fat calculators (I can’t afford anything fancier right now LOL) and I decided to go with this one called the US Navy Calculator- Body Fat Calculator. I really liked this one because I wanted one that calculated sex, height, weight and a few measurements. Most of the other ones I tried either only calculate measurements or weight and waist. So the first thing I did was put my beginning measurements and weight (well, the weight I was when I took the first measurements) and put them into the body fat calculator. I wanted to see where I was before so I have a starting point. This is what I got…

Beginning Stats

Body Fat: 53%
Fat Mass: 138lbs
Lean Mass: 122lbs
Body Fat Category: Obese

Ouch! That obese category really hits me where it hurts… but it’s not going to be there forever. I’m working on changing that. It just takes some time. Next, I put in my most current measurements and weight….

Current Stats

Body Fat: 52%
Fat Mass: 132lbs
Lean Mass: 121lbs
Body Fat Category: Obese

Woohoo! It’s roughly been a month between the first measurements (5/1/13) and the current measurements (6/2/13) and I have already lost 1% of body fat!!!! I don’t know what you think but I find that really impressive and it makes me really happy! I can’t believe how much can change in just a month with hard work and determination. I wasn’t kidding when I said I won’t be in the obese category forever 🙂

Well, that’s what my current body fat percentage is. I know it’s not too accurate but if I continue to use the same calculator each time, it will give me a general idea of where I am. That’s good enough for me!

Have you calculated your body fat percentage? What did you use to calculate it? What did you think?


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