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Chocolate and Compliments

I had a very interesting day at work. I was craving chocolate sooooooo badly. Most chocolate has dairy in it including my favorites like Snickers, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and Mr. Goodbar. As I’ve said before, not eating dairy is very good at keeping me from eating foods I shouldn’t like chocolate. But damn did I want to have some chocolate. It didn’t help matters to have boxes upon boxes of the chocolatey goodness right in front of me to stare at the whole time I was at work. I wanted to have some badly. Usually, when I am craving something so badly, I will have a tiny portion of it to keep myself from feeling deprived. Unfortunately, it does not apply to dairy products which I do not eat at all. If I’m craving something with dairy in it, either I find a dairy free alternative or I don’t eat it.

I did my best to ignore the craving by focusing on work. While there was a lull in customers, an acquaintance came up to me and asked me if I have lost weight. When I replied I did, she told me she could tell and I am looking great. Talk about a confidence booster! I had also noticed earlier in the day her face looked thinner. I had planned on asking her the same question she asked me, she just asked me first. When I asked her if she did, she said she did as well. Then she asked if I really thought her face looked thinner. When I said yes, she was beaming and we began talking about how we are changing our diets and what exercises we are doing.

It feels wonderful when all your hard work to be healthier starts to be noticed by people other than close friends and family (who you talk about being healthier to so they know to look for signs of weight loss). My confidence increased, my self-esteem rose, and I smiled brighter the rest of the day. I think its wonderful what a simple compliment can do to make someone’s day better. I was glad I could return the favor. I could tell it made her feel better as well.

Oh, as for that chocolate craving? It was easier to conquer and ignore after the compliment 🙂

Has anyone other than close friends and family noticed your weight loss? Have you received compliments at what feels like the time you need it the most? Let me know!

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