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Sexual Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle Part 1: The Series Explained

I have been working out and eating healthy for six and a half weeks. I don’t know about anyone else but I have noticed some great changes. One of the changes that surprised me was the change in the bedroom. Ever since I began this journey towards a better lifestyle, my confidence has soared, I am happier, I have higher self-esteem, and I feel sexier. These positive changes are linked back to improving my sex life. I was curious if I was the only one who noticed the great changes (other than my husband, of course) so I looked up some articles about it.

I will be writing a four part series about the sexual benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. The first post (this one) explains why I’m writing the series. The second post will talk about the all the awesome (and sexy) benefits exercise has on your sex life. The third post will be about how eating healthy adds fuel to the fire in the bedroom. The fourth and final post will explain how having sex is great for your health. They will appear as follows:

If these reasons don’t make you want a healthy lifestyle, then I don’t know what will. So grab some chocolate covered strawberries (see why here) and get ready to get educated.

Are you excited to learn more about all these sexy benefits? Great! If you are too excited, then find your partner and put these great benefits to work 🙂 Stay tuned for all the awesome information to come.


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