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Waiting for the results

I have one awesome sister-in-law. She recommended taking Peanut to a specific lab for her blood work and also recommended going to a specific man at the lab. My niece also has problems with food allergies, food, and she use to have problems gaining weight. My sister-in-law, Shell, has had one hell of a journey with her daughter getting her to gain weight. They are still unsure of why Boo is having problems with food. Shell has taken Boo to have more blood work than either of them want to remember so she knows where the best person to go to for getting blood work for babies/toddlers.

Not only did she recommend where to go and who to see, she also took us there and suggested nursing Peanut while she had her blood drawn. The man’s name was Gilbert and he had no problem with mothers nursing babies while he takes blood. I was extremely anxious. I had a very bad experience with getting Peanut’s blood drawn when she was a week old (they thought she had jaundice but she didn’t). I was afraid of having the same experience. I know Shell is a pro with this process and tried to relax.

We got there, requested Gilbert and waited. He came out and called for us. He started smiling the moment he saw Shell and they started talking. We went back to where they draw blood. Peanut was completely captivated by his deep voice and dreadlocks. Gilbert would talk to her and she would just stare at him in amazement. It was so cute. Plus, she kept smiling at him. After he figured out how much blood he needed to draw, we went into a room where we could lay Peanut down to have her blood drawn. I popped out a boob and started nursing her. She kept pulling away from me so she could look at him and see what he was doing. Then she would nurse for a few seconds and go back to looking at him. She was too curious for her own good. Haha! She didn’t even flinch when he put the needle in. No crying. No fussing. Nothing! She was happy as can be listening to this strangle man talk to her in his deep voice. It was wonderful! There were no problems whatsoever. We thanked him profusely and left.

I truly hope I don’t have to take Peanut for anymore blood tests but if we do, I know where I’ll be taking her. What a weight off my chest!

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