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BeFit in 90 Day 28/ 30 Day Squat Challenge Day 9

Day 28

Today was an easy day for BeFit in 90. It was a double cardio day. Day 28 consisted of the Warm-up, Cardio MMA Phase 1, Zumba, and the Sports Stretch and Flexibility cool-down. I forgot I wanted to use weights during the Cardio MMA until I was halfway through it. Oops! Overall, it was a very easy workout day. The Sports Stretch and Flexibility cool-down felt great

30DSC Day 9

After my warm-up, I did the first set of 25 squats. Then I did 10 “girly” push-ups and 20 crunches. I got right back up and did another 25 squats. I did the Cardio MMA workout. I took a water break. I get so thirsty when I workout so I drink a lot of water. After my water break, I did another 25 squats, followed by 10 “girly” push-ups and 20 crunches. I did the last 25 squats. I finished up with some zumba and the Sports cool-down. I love stretching out after doing squats. My muscles love it too. I think my legs are finally getting use to the squats because my legs aren’t as sore as they were a few days ago. I am thankful for that!

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