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Just because I can eat it doesn’t mean I should

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I had an light bulb moment today. Just because I can eat something does NOT mean I should. It seems like a no-brainer and it is. But this week I was eating quite a few unhealthy foods I probably shouldn’t have. Foods like pizza, chicken salad sub (too much mayo but darn was it delicious), and Tofutti (dairy free “ice cream”).

It’s pretty easy for me to keep from eating unhealthy foods because so many of them contain dairy. When I do find a food without dairy, I usually get very excited. I get so excited that I’m ABLE to eat it I forget to think about whether or not I SHOULD eat it. This is especially true for the Tofutti “ice cream”. I have to remind myself it is still ice cream, even if it doesn’t have milk in it. I can still eat it every once in a while as a treat but not two or three times a week. If I want “ice cream” that badly, I should make myself some yonanas (bananas and other fruit with the same texture as soft-serve ice cream).

I will be paying more attention to whether or not what I am about to eat is healthy or unhealthy. I will try harder to choose healthy over unhealthy regardless of the dairy content. This week will be much better than next week. 🙂

Breaking up with my bad habits

I’ve been a big girl my whole life. When I was in middle school, we moved from Pennsylvania down to Florida. Most of the girls in my middle school were so much skinnier than the girls at my previous school. While I looked a couple pounds overweight in Pennsylvania, I felt huge compared to the girls at my new middle school. I was picked on frequently for being “fat”. At the time, I was probably only 10-15 pounds over where I should have been but there was a group of girls who made me feel like I was 100 pounds overweight. Middle school girls can be so ruthless. It got to the point where I just stopped eating while I was at school. It became a habit. Some days I would skip breakfast, every day I would skip lunch and I would come home from school so hungry. When I finally did get home from school, I would eat a bunch of food since I hadn’t eaten all day. I guess I just didn’t realize it before but I still don’t eat much throughout the day. I won’t eat until I feel like I am starving, then I will eat a lot of food. I’ll go hours without eating.

I knew I had some unhealthy eating habits I needed to change and this past week I have been paying close attention to my eating habits. I rarely pay attention to how often I eat or when. I’ve noticed quite a few unhealthy eating habits I need to change. Here is a list of the eating habits I need to work on:

  1. Going hours without eating until I am super hungry, then eating a lot of food.
  2. Not eating much during the day, then eating most of what I eat in the evening or at night
  3. Taking the whole bag or container of food with me to eat instead of just taking a small portion with me, then eating more than I should have (example: Taking a bag of rice cakes with me to watch TV. The next thing I know I ate the whole bag instead of just a few)
  4. Filling my plate full of food. I’ll start to feel full or I’ll become full but continue to eat what’s left on my plate.

I know. They are some awful eating habits. Everything you are not suppose to do when you live a healthy lifestyle. The problem with habits is how hard they are to break. I know it won’t be possible to change all of my bad habits at once. I am going to break them down into easy steps making it easier to develop better habits. I can work on each step individually  Here are some of the steps I can take to break my bad habits:

  1. Portion control
  2. Paying attention to the amount of food I put on my plate and in my mouth
  3. Breaking big bags of snacks down into smaller sandwich bags to control how much I eat
  4. Using smaller plates when I eat meals
  5. Eating smaller healthy meals/snacks every 2-3 hours to keep me from getting too hungry and binging
  6. Eat slower to feel when I am full instead of eating so quickly
  7. Eat more veggies
  8. Not eating after 8pm

These are the steps I need to take to break up with my bad habits. It will take me a while but the time would pass anyway.

What other steps do you think I should take to break my eating habits? What do you do to keep yourself from falling into bad habits?

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