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Peanut is gaining weight!

I am so happy! I have been busy so I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday but our little Peanut is gaining weight! She had gained 4 ounces at her nurse weigh-in last Monday. She was weighed again yesterday and she gained another 8 ounces! That’s 8 ounces in one week! It’s the most she’s ever grown in such a short amount of time. Peanut now weighs 12 pounds 12 ounces! Woohoo! I can’t express how happy and excited I am!

Peanut also grew longer so she’s up to 25 inches long. Her doctor was very happy with her progress. He says we are going great, said he is proud of us for doing everything he says and told us to keep it up. He said it looks like her medicine is working like it should be. Her doctor told us we could still go the aggressive route and take her to the GI doctor or we could wait, see how she is doing and redo the stool test in a month. Hubby and I both said we would rather take the less aggressive path since she’s so young. The doctor said he was glad and believes its the better option. I am just so happy she’s growing and doing so much better. I am A LOT less stressed now. Wootsies!

We are so happy she's doing good. Can't you tell?

We are so happy she’s doing good. Can’t you tell?

We love our little girl so much.

We love our little girl so much.


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