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Tea, please?

I’m not talking about the sugar-filled calorie-laden iced tea sold at grocery stores. No, I am talking about home brewed loose leaf iced mango green tea. Delicious, refreshing, good for the body green tea.

The loose leaf peppermint tea and green tea I bought on Friday. Plus the tea bags.

The loose leaf peppermint tea and green tea I bought on Friday. Plus the tea bags.

This past Friday I went to a local flea market with my family. As we walked around I noticed a stand selling loose leaf tea. I have a delicate stomach so I asked if they had any tea to help alleviate stomach aches. She suggested peppermint tea. I know peppermint is great for stomach issues so I decided to get some. Before I purchased it, I also asked the woman if they had a tea that was great for promoting health and helps with weight loss. Without skipping a beat, she tells me to drink green tea. She shows me the multiple varieties of green tea she sells and tells me a story. She tells me about how another vendor at the flea market drank green tea daily and lost a bunch of weight. After hearing her recommendation, I remembered reading this post by Grass, Roots & Grains. I looked at the different flavors and decided to go with mango green tea. It smelled amazing so I was hoping it would taste just as good.
When I went home, I decided to look up the health benefits of drinking green tea. The benefits are staggering. The most raved about health benefit for drinking green tea is cancer prevention. Here are some other wonderful benefits:

  • Green tea is suppose to reduce the risk of cancer due to the high level of antioxidants.
  • It is great for the heart and preventing heart disease.
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Green tea is suppose to help prevent diabetes by preventing blood sugar spikes.
  • It helps promote relaxation and reduce stress.
  • Green tea is also helpful for weight loss and preventing obesity.
  • Plus many more!

I am so happy I bought the green tea. I plan to go back for more once I run out of what I already bought. I could drink the tea hot but I don’t like drinking hot drinks, which is why I don’t drink coffee. I want to start drinking green tea every day.

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