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Movie Night

Tonight our first date night since Peanut was born. She has always been watched by either myself or Hubby. Hubby really wanted to watch the new Star Trek movie so we asked his mom to babysit Peanut. She said yes and was able to watch her tonight. We were so excited. We almost got the the movie late and Hubby thought we were going to be but we got there with 3 minutes to spare. Haha!

I thought the movie was awesome! We saw it in Imax 3D. I haven’t really watched much Star Trek though. I wasn’t allowed to watch it growing up because my mom hated space shows or movies. My first actual exposure to Star Trek was the last movie they made. Don’t worry all my Trekkies out there, Hubby working on making me a fan. Haha! I loved the movie. We will definitely be buying it. Oh, and I love the actor who plays Khan (don’t know his name). I loved watching him on Sherlock and he was great in Star Trek as well. It was a great date night.

Movie Night!

Movie Night!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention! Hubby’s dad came with us! I didn’t mind but so much for alone time. Let’s just saying I wasn’t fondling Hubby on the way home! Haha!


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