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Finding time for my walk

Walking at the mall

Walking around the mall with Hubby and Peanut

I am learning how to incorporate exercising and eating healthy into my life every day. Even on the days when I’m barely home. Yesterday, I was out of the house most of the day. I had family to visit, errands to run, and we drove the whole way up to Pottstown for  Hubby to get a nintendo. It was a day full of challenges.

While visiting family, Peanut’s great grandmother spent most of the visit trying to get me to eat. She repeatedly offered me every variety of Tastykakes there is! At least that’s what it felt like! I told her over and over I don’t eat dairy. I was persistent and finally made her happy by telling her I’d rather have an apple. She happily gave me an apple and I didn’t give in to the cupcakes. Success!

I made sure to prevent myself from stopping at a fast food restaurant by putting some granola bars in the diaper bag to curb my hunger. They came in really handy and I didn’t stop anywhere.

The biggest obstacle was finding time to exercise. The weather was temperamental yesterday. It rained on and off all day. We have an hour and a half between Hubby getting off work and leaving for Pottstown. Hubby had a brilliant idea to walk around the mall for that time so I could get my walk in for the day. It was perfect. The mall wasn’t out of the way, it kept Peanut out of the rain and I could walk.

I downloaded a step counter app onto my phone so it would keep track of how much I was walking. The other fitness app on my phone tracks my walks by GPS so it wouldn’t count walking around the mall. Once the app was downloaded and ready, we started walking. We managed to walk 2192 steps. Walking indoors definitely feels differently than walking outdoors.
I am so proud of myself for staying on track with my health lifestyle. Some days are harder than others but that’s just the way life works. Challenges make us stronger.
How do you fit exercising into your life on busy days? Let me know!

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