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Measurements- 5/19/13

I decided it was time to take my measurements again. I have noticed some changes (like my face looks thinner to me) and I haven’t lost weight in the past two weeks. Weight loss hasn’t been as big of a concern for me right now as much as getting healthy and providing my daughter with the best breastmilk I can give her by eating healthy. In fact, I have been eating more (healthy food, of course) to make sure I get at least 2,000 calories for Peanut.
I am trying to take my measurement twice a month. I realized I only measured my right thigh, calf, upper arm, and forearm last time. I made sure to measure both sides this time and will continue to do so in the future. So here are my new measurements (in inches):

Bust- 47
Chest- 38.5
Waist- 42
Navel- 48.5
Hips- 50.5
R Thigh- 27.5
R Calf- 17.5
L Thigh- 28
L Calf- 18.5
R Upper Arm- 15.5
R Forearm- 12
L Upper Arm- 16.5
R Forearm- 12
Neck- 15.5
So here is what I lost/gained from my first measurements:

Bust -1/2
Chest 0
Waist 0
Navel -2
Hips -1/2
R Thigh 0
R Calf -1
L Thigh n/a
L Calf  n/a
R Up Arm -1 1/2
R Forearm 0
L Up Arm n/a
R Forearm n/a
Neck -1/2
Overall, I think I did really great for losing that amount of inches in a little over two weeks. I am really happy with the progress I’m making 🙂

Measurements- 5/1/13

Thanks to PerpendicularPessimist, I realized I should be taking my measurements as well as weighing myself. I won’t be taking my measurements as often as weighing in but I will try to take them at least once a month. I wish I would have started taking my measurements from the beginning but I never thought of it until I saw PerpendicularPessimist’s post here. So here is my measurements (in inches)…

Bust – 47 1/2
Chest – 38 1/2
Waist – 42
Navel – 50 1/2
Hips- 51
Thigh – 27 1/2
Calves – 18 1/2
Upper Arm – 17
Forearm – 12
Neck – 16

These are my first measurements that I have taken, even though I have already started my journey. I will try to take my measurements on the first of every month since I conveniently took my measurements today on the 1st.


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