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BeFit in 90- Days 56, 57 and 58

Day 56- Saturday

The first workout I did after being sick all week. It felt great working out again. I missed moving and strengthening my body. It felt great. The double strength workouts really kicked my butt back in gear too. Day 56 consisted of the Warm-up 2, Ripped Back and Shoulders, Six Pack Abs and Arms, and Yoga.

Day 57

Rest Day!!!!

Day 58

Double Cardio! I already sweat enough on double cardio days but add in the heat this week (still no AC) and I felt like I could have filled the bathtub with sweat. **Sorry for the mental image LOL** I didn’t realize how much I missed doing the cardio until I was halfway through the second cardio video. Day 58 consisted of the Warm-up 2, Cardio MMA Phase 2, Cardio Booster (I did the Fat Blast video from my Kickboxing DVD) and the Sports Stretch. It felt great! I was really sore by bedtime though.

BeFit in 90- Day 46

I passed the halfway point!!! Woohoo!

My hamstrings are super sore today from my workout yesterday. The Sports Stretch felt great at the end of my workout. Day 46 consisted of the Warm-up 2, the Back and Shoulders workout, the Cardio MMA Phase 2 and the Sports Stretch. The Back and Shoulders workout felt nice. It is still a challenging workout with the 3lbs weights. My arms feel like lead afterwards. The Cardio MMA felt refreshing. It is definitely not as intense as the Fat Blast I did yesterday. That was a killer. I loved it though. As I said the Sports Stretch felt amazing today. It felt so nice to stretch out. It really stretched my hamstrings and glutes. Boy, did I need it too! It was a great workout! Woohoo!

BeFit in 90- Days 44 and 45

Day 44

Double cardio day! Day 44 consists the Warm-up 2, the Cardio Booster (I did a double Zumba session), Cardio MMA Phase 2, and yoga. I had fun doing the Zumba. I did the Zumba Toning workout with the toning sticks. I would definitely use 3lb weights next time because the toning sticks were super easy. It was an easy workout overall.

Day 45

Today was a all new layout for my workout. I was surprised but delighted. Day 45 consisted of the Warm-up 2, the Butt, Legs and Chest workout, the Cardio Booster (I’ll explain it later), and the Cardio MMA Phase 2. Double cardio AND a strength training. Woohoo! I used 5lb weights during the Butt, Legs and Chest workout. It felt much better than the 3lb weights. While I was taking a drink after the strength workout, I heard Peanut awake and crying from her nap. I went up and brought her downstairs. She was so hot she couldn’t sleep. It was cooler downstairs than upstairs (heat rises) so she felt much better downstairs. Unfortunately, I wasn’t done my workout. I laid Peanut down with her toys and continued my workout. She had fun watching me workout. She just loves it!

I did the Cardio MMA Phase 2 workout. It was fine. It got me sweating but that was nothing! After the MMA, I did the Fat Blast workout on the Prevention Kick Start Your Metabolism DVD. It’s a kickboxing workout DVD. I was sweating like crazy by the end. It is so much more intense than the Cardio MMA workout. The hardest part of the workout was doing it while keeping an eye on Peanut. She kept rolling around and I had to make sure she wasn’t under foot. I tried laying her on the other side of the living room so I wouldn’t have to worry about stepping on her but she got mad because she couldn’t see me. haha! Don’t worry! I didn’t let her get close to me so I didn’t step on my cutie pie. 😀

I was really proud I could finish the Fat Blast workout. A few months ago I couldn’t even complete the 15 minute workout. I was gasping and couldn’t go on. Now, just a few months later, I am able to complete it after most of my BeFit in 90 workout. I’m so proud. This is what this journey is all about. I am just trying to better myself a little bit every day.

Today was a very challenging workout but I loved it! Hope everyone had an awesome day!

This was my workout lifesaver! Way too hot today but I did my workout anyway :D

This was my workout lifesaver! Way too hot today but I did my workout anyway 😀

Intense workout plus hot house equals sweaty mama! haha!

Intense workout plus hot house equals sweaty mama! haha!

BeFit in 90- Days 37 and 38

Day 37

Cardio Day! Day 37 consisted of the Warm-up 2, the Cardio Booster (I did a double zumba), the Cardio MMA Phase 2, and the Sports Stretch. Peanut decided she didn’t want to take her nap for me and I had to go to work yesterday so I worked out while she played in the living room. She had fun staring at me trying to figure out what I was doing and I talked to her (when I had the breath). It was a pretty easy workout day. I know I said it before but I really like the new Cardio MMA 😀

Day 38

Today was a good day and a not so good day. On one hand I had a  great day with family and a great workout. I’m still sweating (I had a late workout). Unfortunately, my family and I went to a restaurant and I ate WAY more than I should have. Ugh! I haven’t felt this heavy from food in so long. I’m not beating myself up too much because there’s always tomorrow.

Anyways, Day 38 consisted of the Warm-up 2, the Butt, Legs, and Chest workout, the Cardio MMA Phase 2, and Yoga. The Butt, Legs and Chest workout still seems too easy. I did use the 3lbs weights this time so I will definitely be using the 5lbs weights next time and every time thereafter. The Cardio MMA had me sweating up a storm. Loved it.

I am still trying hard to do the yoga. I did like it a bit more today, which is good. I really enjoy the balance poses towards the end of the video. I really like the balance ones. Hopefully I will continue to like the others more as I do them 😀

BeFit in 90 Days 35 and 36

Day 35

I hope everyone had a happy Father’s Day! Day 35 consisted of the Warm-up 2, Ripped Back & Shoulders, the Cardio MMA Phase 2, and Yoga. Instead of doing the Warm-up 2, Hubby, Peanut and I went on a 2.47 mile walk. I considered that enough of a warm up. I am still using 3lbs weights for the Ripped Back & Shoulders. The workout used new muscles and I am struggling to get through the workout with just the 3lb weights. I currently can’t imagine using the 5lbs weights yet but I know I will soon enough. I really love the workout. It is very challenging for me and that’s what I like.

Speaking of stuff I like, I just LOVE the new Cardio MMA! It is so awesome. I just love the elbow, elbow! haha! The whole workout is awesome and I can’t help but smiling while I do it. It makes me sweat and really pushes me. I love it! I wish the yoga was the same. I don’t know why but I am finding it hard to enjoy the yoga. While I do like this one better than the first, I still feel very clumsy and uncoordinated when I do it. I just can’t relax like I should. So many people talk about how enjoyable yoga is and how relaxed they feel during it. Plus, the benefits of doing yoga is outstanding but I just don’t feel it yet. I don’t know why. The worse part is I WANT to like doing yoga. Hmmm… Hopefully is comes with time.

Day 36

Rest day!!!! I love working out but I also love my rest days. LOL! I spent the day cleaning and playing on the floor with Peanut. We even had fun taking pictures. I posted some below for your amusement. LOL I love her so darn much! ❤

Acting like goofyballs LOL

Acting like goofyballs LOL

Peanut took her own picture. I just love it!

Peanut took her own picture. I just love it!

She surprised me and grabbed my nose. I was too busy looking at the camera and not watching her hands. haha

She surprised me and grabbed my nose. I was too busy looking at the camera and not watching her hands. haha

It's blurry but I just love it. You can just see the love and bond we have :)

It’s blurry but I just love it. You can just see the love and bond we have 🙂


BeFit in 90- Day 2

I just completed Day 2 of BeFit in 90. Working out today made the soreness from yesterday better, which is always nice. I feel so much better today than yesterday. I am sore and I know I will be sore tomorrow but it’s a good type of sore. I am really working my muscles in this program. I hadn’t been working my muscles before starting BeFit in 90. I was doing way more cardio (walking, zumba, step aerobics, kickboxing) and only doing a few strength training exercises. I know that needed to change. I’m glad I found this program.

The warm-up was the same as yesterday. It seemed short today but that’s probably because I knew what to expect. Then main workout today was back and shoulders. Let me tell you, my shoulders were burning! I could feel my muscles getting stronger with every lift of my arms. It was hard but worth it!

I am really happy with the cardio workout today. It wasn’t as intense as yesterday’s. It got my heart pumping but didn’t send my heart rate soaring through the roof. The workout was Cardio MMA  workout: Level 1. I have always loved kickboxing and MMA so this workout was right up my alley. Jabs, cross punches, and uppercuts are my fave.

Then cooldown workout was yoga. I like how BeFit in 90 has yoga included in the workouts. Although the yoga video shows me just how inflexible I’ve become, but I’m working to change that.

I can really tell BeFit in 90 is working because I feel sore (but not in pain), I am energized after I catch my breath, I get very hungry afterwards, and it gets my heart rate pumping. All of these are great signs of a good workout as described in this article.

Overall, it was a great workout and a great day. Today has been SOOOOO much better than yesterday. Thankfully!


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