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8 things no one ever told me about breastfeeding

1. The Smell
Breastmilk has a unique smell. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a bad smell (unless it gets on your clothes because then you get the dreaded sour milk smell which is completely unpleasant) but it isn’t really a good smell either. I don’t really notice it anymore since I’ve been smelling it for 6 months. When I first started breastfeeding, I was so surprised by the smell.
2. The Mess
Another surprising part of breastfeeding for me was the mess. I guess it was part of the first time mom way of thinking. I just thought she would latch on, drink and let go when all the milk was done. No mess, no cleaning up, nothing. Haha! Boy, I was wrong! Its not really a problem anymore. But when my milk came in, I was a mess. At first, my right breast leaked incessantly for 2 months before it got itself under control. Plus, Peanut is a messy eater. She will eat for a minute, stop to look around, then continue eating. This makes milk go all over the place. I have to tuck a burp cloth under my breast while she eats to keep it off my clothes (refer back up to #1 for why you want to keep it off your clothes). Sometimes I will forget the burp cloth is tucked under by boob when I put myself back together and I will walk around with it sticking out of my shirt until I realize it. Talk about embarrassing!
3. Latching On
No, I’m not talking about her latching onto my nipple. She’s great at that. What I’m talking about is how Peanut latches onto me with her hands. It happens now that she is older and she has great control of her hands. She will grip my shirt tightly in one hand and my bra tightly in the other. Then she will fall asleep that way without loosening her death grip. I wouldn’t mind except when I try to put her into her crib because I wake her up trying to get her to let go of my clothes!
4. Feeding her in the bathroom
Yes. I have fed my baby in a bathroom. I was out to dinner with my husbands parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Peanut was hungry and yelling up a storm. I didn’t want to offend his family by feeding her at the table although I’m sure they wouldn’t have minded. Instead I took her into the bathroom. Hubby’s mom came in with me, brought a chair with her for me to sit on and held the door shut so I could feed Peanut in privacy. (I won’t get into the reasons why I think its wrong for breastfeeding mothers to have to feed our babies in bathrooms because some people have issues with it. I try to be respectful though, which is why I won’t talk about it)
5. You might offend people you care about
It will happen. Everyone has their own opinion. Some people will be offended by you breastfeeding your child. Like it is any of THEIR business. I knew I might offend a stranger for my choice to breastfed. I knew I would hear the questions (“You breastfed?” “Won’t your breasts get saggy?”), the comments, and the looks. Even your own family could be offended by it. I learned this the hard way at Peanut’s first thanksgiving. I took it really hard, especially after how supportive my in-laws are about my choice to breastfed Peanut.
6. The Staring
No one told me my baby would stare at my breasts like she found the lost city of Atlantis. She stares when she’s hungry, when I’m changing, even when I wear a lower cut top. She is more fascinated with my breasts than my husband (which is saying something).
7. The thirst
I get soooooooo thirsty since I breastfeed Peanut. I thought I was thirsty when I was pregnant. That was nothing compared to the intense thirst I have now. I drink almost a gallon of water a day. I am thirstier now that I also exercise.
8. The Silly moments
No one told me of the silly things babies would do while they are breastfeeding. Some of my favorite moments with my daughter are while she’s breastfeeding. Sometimes she will stop nursing to look up at me, give me a huge smile with milk trailing down her chin, and then continue to eat. It is always random, adorable, and hilarious whenever she does it. There will be times when she’s eating that she will hold her arm straight up in the air. As she starts to fall asleep, her arm will sink towards my shirt. The moment is touches my shirt she yanks it back into the air. The process will continue until she falls asleep completely. This reminds me of when wrestlers are put into a sleeper hold and their arm falls as they pass out. I try so hard not to crack up laughing whenever she does it.

Sleeper Hold

Sleeper Hold

Where did my newborn go?

Peanut as a newborn

Peanut as a newborn

Peanut has turned 6 months old this week and I am left completely baffled. Where did my newborn go? I know she has been growing and learning but I cannot believe she is 6 months old already. It feels as though time has captured my newborn, took her away forever, and gave me this adorable, active, chubby little baby instead.

Don’t get me wrong. I am just LOVING this stage right now. She is working hard to explore her world and to learn as much as she can. Peanut’s not really moving yet but she is trying. She rolls really well now from her tummy to her back. She rolls onto her side to look at things and reach for toys. Peanut loves babbling at everyone she meets, including animals. She picks up all sorts of toys and chews on everything. She loves to go out of her way to pull on her daddy’s beard or to tug on my hair. Peanut absolutely loves our daily walks where she can look at all the colors, smell all the flowers, and figure out where the sounds are coming from. She is growing so quickly.

Peanut at 6 months old. She's growing up so fast!

Peanut at 6 months old. She’s growing up so fast!

Part of me just wants to yell slow down and figure out a way to make it happen. Yet, I know it’s just a part of her growing up. I know it’s how life works. It’s the hard part of being a parent. I know in the years to come, I will continue to be amazed, surprised, frustrated, delighted, and baffled by this little girl. I also know I am going to love every minute of it.
But for now, I will just live in the moment with her. I will cherish our time together when we snuggle as she nurses. I will enjoy the way she cuddles in my arms, how she feels safe and content in my arms, and the way she looks up at me with such love and trust. I will watch her learn, explore, and take on the world, offering her my assistance when she needs or wants it. I will laugh with her, cry with her, and act completely silly with her. Most importantly, I will love her immensely and unconditionally.

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