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Where did my newborn go?

Peanut as a newborn

Peanut as a newborn

Peanut has turned 6 months old this week and I am left completely baffled. Where did my newborn go? I know she has been growing and learning but I cannot believe she is 6 months old already. It feels as though time has captured my newborn, took her away forever, and gave me this adorable, active, chubby little baby instead.

Don’t get me wrong. I am just LOVING this stage right now. She is working hard to explore her world and to learn as much as she can. Peanut’s not really moving yet but she is trying. She rolls really well now from her tummy to her back. She rolls onto her side to look at things and reach for toys. Peanut loves babbling at everyone she meets, including animals. She picks up all sorts of toys and chews on everything. She loves to go out of her way to pull on her daddy’s beard or to tug on my hair. Peanut absolutely loves our daily walks where she can look at all the colors, smell all the flowers, and figure out where the sounds are coming from. She is growing so quickly.

Peanut at 6 months old. She's growing up so fast!

Peanut at 6 months old. She’s growing up so fast!

Part of me just wants to yell slow down and figure out a way to make it happen. Yet, I know it’s just a part of her growing up. I know it’s how life works. It’s the hard part of being a parent. I know in the years to come, I will continue to be amazed, surprised, frustrated, delighted, and baffled by this little girl. I also know I am going to love every minute of it.
But for now, I will just live in the moment with her. I will cherish our time together when we snuggle as she nurses. I will enjoy the way she cuddles in my arms, how she feels safe and content in my arms, and the way she looks up at me with such love and trust. I will watch her learn, explore, and take on the world, offering her my assistance when she needs or wants it. I will laugh with her, cry with her, and act completely silly with her. Most importantly, I will love her immensely and unconditionally.

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