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Having a bad dietary week

Ok. I have to admit it before it gets any worse. I have been eating terrible this week. I know I have no excuse but the previous week, I had terrible IBS symptoms from eating lots of dark green veggies. I was eating broccoli, spinach, and other healthy foods were causing me so much discomfort. I even missed a day of work because I couldn’t leave the bathroom. It was embarrassing and so frustrating. It got to the point last weekend when I got tired of trying to eat healthy and having the problems worsen instead of get better.

So this week I played it safe with foods less healthy but less likely to upset my stomach including lots of sandwiches, eggs, chicken, turkey burgers, etc. I also ate a lot less fruits and veggies this week. To make matters even worse, I have also skipped breakfast 2 or 3 times this week. It’s just been a terrible week for me. On the plus side, I have been sticking to my exercise routine and adding extra cardio. But it is still not enough. I am anxious about stepping on the scale on Sunday.

One of the main reasons I started this journey was to “fix” my stomach issues. My doctor diagnosed me with IBS and suggested I started increasing my fiber by A LOT. The more fiber I eat, the worse my stomach issues are. This includes the high fiber cereals he suggested, taking fiber tablets, eating dark greens, etc. I ate what he wanted and it got worse. It is getting to the point where I’m so frustrated I could cry. Its a vicious cycle.

I have stomach issues. Eat healthier. Still have stomach aches. Go to doctor. Doctor says eat fiber. I eat fiber. Stomach aches get worse.

I am spending the next few days looking for a diet for people with IBS and I will try it. Hopefully this will help me and I won’t feel quite so frustrated. Let hope this works because I NEED something to make this better. I prefer naturally over medication anyway. What I’ve read so far, it seems as though eating more fiber is the worse thing I could do with IBS. That sound right to me.

Giving her the best

As anyone reading my blog knows, I have been very focused on eating healthy and trying to give myself the best nutrition possible. I am doing this for my daughter as well as for myself. I have been breastfeeding my daughter for 6 months and I’m still going strong. Whatever I eat, Peanut eats. I am doing everything in my power to give her the best nutrition, provide her with the best food she can have, and help her develop the best eating habits a mother can teach her daughter.
Breastfeeding was never an option for me. The moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew I was going to breastfed my baby. I knew it was going to be hard. I knew it was going to be awkward, but I also knew it was the best option I could give my daughter.

I was so blessed to have breastfeeding come easy for me and my daughter. She was a champ when it came to learning how to breastfeed. It was almost effortless for the both of us. I wanted to breastfeed her and she wanted breastmilk. It was that simple for us. I have never had problems with milk supply, cracked nipples, mastitis, or any of the other normal issues associated with breastfeeding. I am one of the lucky ones.

Peanut trying to feed herself

Peanut trying to feed herself

I know there are many mothers who would just love for breastfeeding to be that simple for them as well. My heart goes out to those mothers who wanted to breastfed but either their bodies or their babies where unable to breastfed. I would have been devastated if I wouldn’t have been able to breastfed. I just can’t imagine not doing it. It is the only way I know.
Providing my daughter with the best nutrition I could give her didn’t stop at just breastfeeding her. The same way I knew I would breastfeed Peanut, I also knew I would try making her homemade baby food. Yet again, it was a no brainer for me. I read about all the additives put into baby food and all the health benefits of making your own. I knew it was the way I wanted to go. My mother even bought me the baby bullet for my birthday (I was only two and a half months pregnant at the time).

At Peanut’s four and a half month doctor visit, she was measuring very small. She was measuring in the lower half of the five percentile range. My doctor suggested we start giving her solids at five months and I did. I automatically pulled out my streamer and baby bullet. Yet again, I was lucky enough to have making her food come easy to me. I love cooking from scratch in the first place so making baby food from scratch wasn’t hard for me.

Homemade baby food

Homemade baby food

I knew I would get a lot of baby food from a small amount of veggies but I was still surprised when I saw just how much I got. I made her sweet potatoes as her first food. One large sweet potato provided me with 23 stage one servings of sweet potato puree for her! I was so pleasantly surprised! It gave me even more incentive to make it myself. She has been eating solids for over a month now and I have yet to give her anything out of a jar. She has been gained weight steadily and growing well. The doctor has been pleased with how well she is doing.

Breastfeeding and making my own baby food are the choices I made for my daughter. They are the best options I could find to give my daughter the best nutrition I could provide. I am not saying there is anything wrong with formula or jarred baby food. I don’t and won’t judge another mother for giving her baby either one. I’m just not that type of person. The only thing that matters is whether or not your baby is happy and healthy. I respect any mother’s choice on how to feed their baby, just as I hope other mothers respect my choice of how I feed my daughter.

Weekly Update- April 14, 2013


Every week I plan on posting an update about my progress towards better health. I will post goals I want to accomplish in the upcoming week, if I accomplished the goals I set the previous week, current weight, if I lose or gain weight (hopefully only lose weight), and a brief summary of my activities.

Swinging at the park

Hubby, Peanut and I went on a long walk today. Adding miles towards my goal. We stopped at the park so Peanut could swing for a while. Hubby captured this photo of the two of us

Goals for the upcoming week

  1. Walk at least 8 miles
  2. Perform at least one strength training workout
  3. Continue to eat dairy free
  4. Add one serving of veggies or fruit each day by either eating extra veggies/fruit or replacing a snack with veggies

Weigh-in Time
Weight: 261 pounds
Lose/Gain: Lost 4 pounds!!!!!
Weekly Summary
This past week has been my first dairy free week I’ve ever had. Surprisingly, it was not as hard as I thought it would be. I can’t believe how much food has dairy in it. Its rather daunting, but I try to look for the positive in life. Dairy free is turning out to be helpful because it keeps me from eating junk food like cookies, chocolate, and all sorts of other unhealthy food. Most of the food I want to eat containing dairy isn’t healthy for me anyway, including frozen dinners and most processed foods. Therefore, I have been making my meals from scratch (which I enjoy doing anyway) so I know what I am eating. This allows me to add more veggies my meals.

As far as fitness goes, I have been walking every chance I can get this week. The weather has been warm and wonderful. I’ve taken my daughter on walks almost every day this week. I’ve walked a little over 5 miles. I’m quite proud of myself 🙂

Do you have any short term goals this week you want to accomplish? What do you think of the goals I’ve set for myself this week? Let me know!

Every Journey Starts Somewhere

pregnancy picture

Sitting on the toilet, I am holding the test in shaking hands. My emotions and raging hormones are battling viciously. One moment I experience extreme happiness, the next moment I am hit in the stomach with the overwhelming fear of having someone depend on me. I am going to be a mother. I take a deep breath and walk out of the bathroom. Hubby turns to face me, looking at me tells him everything he needs to know. He smiles and takes me into his arms. I start crying harder. The battle is still raging but happiness is winning. I can’t stop smiling. He pulls back to look at me and says “Believe or not, I’m excited”. We both laugh and hug each other again.

Nothing puts life into perspective like learning you are going to become a parent. You learn what’s important and what doesn’t really matter anymore. Before I became pregnant, I wasn’t eating healthy, working out or taking care of my health. I was overweight in my opinion but obese according to the BMI charts. I was not only overweight and inactive but I have a family history of heart disease, diabetes, and colon cancer. Something needed to change.

I began eating healthier during my pregnancy but not nearly as well as I could have. I started reading about eating right and learning new recipes. I began adding new foods to my diet such as kale, beans, garlic, cantaloupe, and making homemade soups. As great as these changes were, I was still eating unhealthy foods frequently like pizza, pastas, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, etc. This was especially bad for my health since I was lactose intolerant.


One of our first family photos

Fast forward to after my daughter was born. I had a natural birth which enabled me to heal quickly. Breastfeeding came easily for both my daughter and myself. Without the watermelon sized belly slowing me down, I felt awesome, happy and awed at finally being able to hold my daughter. But even with losing weight after I had Peanut, my postpartum weight was 270 pounds. 270 pounds! I needed to make some major changes in my life.

Jumping forward 5 months brings us to the present. I began making the necessary changes in my life. I went to the doctors for testing to figure out why I have been having stomach problems. I have cut dairy out of my diet completely. I’m not use to reading labels but it has helped me realize just how much food has milk in it. I’ve started eating even healthier and I’ve also started exercising almost daily. Even with all these changes, I’ve only lost 5 pounds so far. Unlike most breastfeeding mothers, breastfeeding doesn’t make losing weight easy for me. While losing weight is necessary, I’m not as concerned about weight loss right now as much as learning to be healthy. By improving my health, I will eventually begin to lose weight more easily. I will continue to make healthy changes in my life and I would love to share the journey with you.

Have you started your journey towards better health? What changes are you making in your life to eat better or exercise?

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