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Sexual Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle Part 2: Exercise

Okay. We all know exercise is great for our health. Exercise is just one of those awesome things in life that makes life better overall. Did you know it included a better sex life? It’s pretty simple when you think about it but I didn’t realize just how great it was until I started exercising. Healthcare providers have been standing on their soapbox for years saying how wonderful exercise is. I bet more people would listen to them if they were broadcasting the sexual benefits of exercising more often. So I’m going to pull up my own soapbox and let you guys know instead.

Here are some of the great and sexy benefits of exercise:

  1. Exercise makes you feel sexy
    • This is the most obvious sexual benefit of exercise. One of the major parts of sex is feeling sexy. If you don’t like the way you look naked, you are less likely to get naked in front of someone (which makes it hard to have sex… unless you have crotchless clothes but that’s not my point). Exercise improves your confidence (See benefit below) and your body image making you more willing to have sex. If you feel sexy, you will want sex more often. Like I said, it’s obvious.
  2. Increases blood flow
    • Exercise increases heart health and blood flow all over the body, including to your sexual organs. What else is great about increased blood flow you ask? Good blood flow fuels genital sensation, lubrication, AND gives you that tingle of excitement.
  3. Exercise increases confidence
    • Exercise makes you feel sexy (we’ve established this). When you feel sexy, you have higher confidence and higher self-esteem. As with feeling sexy, being confident in yourself and how you look makes you more likely to shed those clothes and do the vertical tango with your partner.
  4. Improves  sexual performance
    • The combination of more blood flow and increased confidence improves the sexual performance of people who exercise. According to this article, a study was performed among people who exercised four to five days per week. The study revealed 69% of men and 88% of women reported having above average or much above average sexual performance.
  5. Exercise means more sex
    • I can personally agree to this one. This is a harder benefit to explain but it does appear as though people who exercise regularly have more sex than before they began exercising. I believe it is a combination of all the benefits of exercise.
  6. Reduces Erectile Dysfunction
    • Blood flow, blood flow, blood flow. Sex is all about the blood flow and exercise increases blood flow. A penis can’t become erect if it doesn’t have sufficient blood flow. Exercising reduces high blood pressure, prevents blocked arteries and other cardiovascular conditions. It keeps the heart healthy and strong. This leads to good blood flow to the penis and reduces erectile dysfunction.
  7. Endorphin Release
    • Exercise releases endorphins. It is a wonderful stress reliever. It clears the mind, relaxes you, and leaves you feeling content and blissful. Sound familiar? Your sex drive and sexual pleasure use the same endorphin release system. The more you exercise and/or have sex, the more endorphins are released. The more intense and often you have these endorphin releases, the better pleasure and easier sexual arousal you will have in the future.
  8. Adds Options
    • Exercise increases strength and endurance. It keeps you fit which gives you more sexual options than if you weren’t. More positions, longer sessions, and having sex more often are more likely when you are fit than if you aren’t. Exercise is the key.

So now you have some exciting reasons to put on your running shoes or pick up some weights. Remember, exercise is great for your health and better for your sex life. Stay tuned for the next installment of Sexual Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle.

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BeFit in 90- Day 2

I just completed Day 2 of BeFit in 90. Working out today made the soreness from yesterday better, which is always nice. I feel so much better today than yesterday. I am sore and I know I will be sore tomorrow but it’s a good type of sore. I am really working my muscles in this program. I hadn’t been working my muscles before starting BeFit in 90. I was doing way more cardio (walking, zumba, step aerobics, kickboxing) and only doing a few strength training exercises. I know that needed to change. I’m glad I found this program.

The warm-up was the same as yesterday. It seemed short today but that’s probably because I knew what to expect. Then main workout today was back and shoulders. Let me tell you, my shoulders were burning! I could feel my muscles getting stronger with every lift of my arms. It was hard but worth it!

I am really happy with the cardio workout today. It wasn’t as intense as yesterday’s. It got my heart pumping but didn’t send my heart rate soaring through the roof. The workout was Cardio MMA¬† workout: Level 1. I have always loved kickboxing and MMA so this workout was right up my alley. Jabs, cross punches, and uppercuts are my fave.

Then cooldown workout was yoga. I like how BeFit in 90 has yoga included in the workouts. Although the yoga video shows me just how inflexible I’ve become, but I’m working to change that.

I can really tell BeFit in 90 is working because I feel sore (but not in pain), I am energized after I catch my breath, I get very hungry afterwards, and it gets my heart rate pumping. All of these are great signs of a good workout as described in this article.

Overall, it was a great workout and a great day. Today has been SOOOOO much better than yesterday. Thankfully!


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