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Sexual Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle Part 4: Health Benefits of Sex

We have talked about the sexual benefits of exercising and eating healthy. Now I want to talk about the act itself. No, not like that! I’m talking about how having sex is good for your health. Its a two-way street with benefits on both sides. Living a healthy lifestyle is great for your sex life and having sex is great for your health. It’s a win-win! We all know how exciting and fun sex can be but did you know it is also good for your health. I’ll tell you some of the awesome benefits of doing the vertical tango with your partner.

  1. Burn calories
    • That’s right! Don’t forget sex is also an exercise. Granted, it’s a very fun and very erotic exercise but it is still exercise. According to this article, sex burns between 75 to 150 calories per half an hour. What better incentive do you need to burn some extra calories? This is also a great tip to remember after you were too busy to go to the gym or you skipped a workout. All you have to do is grab your partner and hit the sheets to burn a few calories (I’m not saying replace all workouts with sex but its better than not working out at all).
  2. Lowers stress and improves mental health
    • Sex creates intimacy for couples in commited relationships. This lowers stress, reduces anxiety and fights depression. Lowering stress levels lowers a person’s cortisol level as well. Reducing a person’s cortisol level helps reduces the chances of having hyperglycemia and lowers blood pressure. According to this article, a study showed diastolic blood pressure was lower in people who live together and have sex often. Talk about health benefits!
  3. Helps you fall asleep
    • Anyone who has had sex knows how relaxed you can feel afterward and how much easier it is to fall asleep. What you might not know is a hormone that promotes sleep called oxytocin is released during sex. This makes you more likely to sleep better than if you didn’t have fun between the sheets before bed. Don’t forget all the health benefits of a solid, restful night’s sleep.
  4. Boost Immunity
    • You better believe it! According to this article (as well as a few others), a study conducted at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania showed people who have sex once or twice a week show 30 percent higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A (IgA). These antibodies help keep the body safe from colds and the flu as well as combating diseases. I absolutely love this quote from the article, “Save up your sick days and use them as sex days!” Sounds like a sexy plan to me!

These are just a few benefits sex has on your health. If you would like to read more, visit the related articles linked below. I don’t need a reason to enjoy some alone time with my husband but if I did, these would be some convincing reasons to wake the neighbors. If you haven’t read the rest of my series follow the links below. 🙂

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Sexual Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle Series

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Sexual Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle Part 3: Eating Healthy

Sorry it took so long to write this post. Between the holiday and Peanut’s health issues, I didn’t have as much time as I wanted to write this.

Eating a healthy balanced diet is good for your body, good for your heart and good for your sex life. Food is the fuel for your body. If you eat crappy food that clogs your system, you are most likely not going to have great sex. If, on the other hand, you eat food that helps your body function better, you are more likely to have a better sex life. The key to a healthy lifestyle is eating a well-rounded diet including lean protein, fruits, dark leafy greens and other veggies, beans, and other delicious healthy foods. There are also studies showing certain foods are more likely to increase your libido than others.

If you are wandering what foods would make you’re sex life steamier, you are in for treat because I’m about to tell you. After reading articles like Christina Pirello’s article The Top 10 Foods for Great Sex and Men’s Health magazine’s article How to Eat For Better Sex, I have compiled a list of foods to help rev up your sex life. Here they are:

  • Oysters and Shellfish
    • While they are considered an aphrodisiac, the real reason oysters are so great for your health is the high levels of zinc. They are higher in zinc than most other foods. Zinc is wonderful for sexual performance since it improve testosterone levels, great for blood circulation, and its crucial for healthy sperm production. If you are like me and can’t stand the idea of slurping down oysters, other foods high in zinc are shrimp, spinach, basil, eggs, red meat, thyme, sea vegetables, red meat, poultry, and sesame, pumpkin and chia seeds.
  • Strawberries and Other Berries
    • Strawberries are high in vitamin C, and  B vitamin folate. Vitamin C is a natural libido enhancer and folate is helps prevent birth defects. Blackberries and blueberries are just as delicious and good for your sex life. They contain compounds that improve circulation and relax blood vessels. As we learned in the previous post, the better the circulation, the better the sex.
  • Dark chocolate
    • We can’t talk about strawberries without talking about dark chocolate now, can we? When I think of sexy foods, chocolate covered strawberries come to my mind and with good reason too. The phenylalanine in chocolate releases endorphins and dopamine, the one that surges during orgasm. Chocolate also contains magnesium which soothes our nerves and makes us more receptive for each other. *wink wink*
  • Oatmeal and Whole Grains
    • Whole grains (especially oatmeal) increase testosterone and are high in zinc (read above why that is great for the mojo). Oats in particular contain an amino acid called L-arginine. L-arginine works with nitric oxide to help relax blood vessels which helps men with erectile dysfunction. Other foods containing L-arginine include nuts, ginseng, dairy, seeds, and green veggies. Another awesome bonus of eating whole grains is complex carbohydrates gives us consistent energy allowing us to have more stamina for physical…. exercise.
  • Onions, Garlic, and Ginger
    • Alliums (chives, leeks, scallions, and onions) are sure to get your juices flowing and give you the stamina to use those juices. They cause intense feelings of arousal and contain chemical compounds that stimulate blood flow to your sexual organs. This ensures some hot, strong, enduring sex. Who can argue with that? As a person who eats lots of onions and garlic, I can assure you they are very beneficial.
  • Dark leafy vegetables
    • Dark leafy vegetables like spinach, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, kale, swiss chard, and bok choy are great for your overall health. We have all heard the benefits of eating these leafy veggies. They are also great for sexual health. These leafy veggies are packed with folate and magnesium. Magnesium dilates those blood vessels and creates the essential blood flow to your genitals.
  • Many many others
    • Many other foods are great for your sex life including red meat, chia seeds, peaches, fruits, chili peppers, seeds, nuts, tomatoes, eggs, fatty fish, artichokes, beans, and so much more. If you would like to read more about the sexual benefits these foods, visit the links below.

Now you have even more reasons to eat healthy, as if you didn’t have enough reasons to start with. I’m just trying to give you the motivation to get you eating those leafy greens and other healthy foods. I know I’ll be adding more of these delicious foods into my diet. 🙂


Sexual Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle Series

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Sexual Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle Part 2: Exercise

Okay. We all know exercise is great for our health. Exercise is just one of those awesome things in life that makes life better overall. Did you know it included a better sex life? It’s pretty simple when you think about it but I didn’t realize just how great it was until I started exercising. Healthcare providers have been standing on their soapbox for years saying how wonderful exercise is. I bet more people would listen to them if they were broadcasting the sexual benefits of exercising more often. So I’m going to pull up my own soapbox and let you guys know instead.

Here are some of the great and sexy benefits of exercise:

  1. Exercise makes you feel sexy
    • This is the most obvious sexual benefit of exercise. One of the major parts of sex is feeling sexy. If you don’t like the way you look naked, you are less likely to get naked in front of someone (which makes it hard to have sex… unless you have crotchless clothes but that’s not my point). Exercise improves your confidence (See benefit below) and your body image making you more willing to have sex. If you feel sexy, you will want sex more often. Like I said, it’s obvious.
  2. Increases blood flow
    • Exercise increases heart health and blood flow all over the body, including to your sexual organs. What else is great about increased blood flow you ask? Good blood flow fuels genital sensation, lubrication, AND gives you that tingle of excitement.
  3. Exercise increases confidence
    • Exercise makes you feel sexy (we’ve established this). When you feel sexy, you have higher confidence and higher self-esteem. As with feeling sexy, being confident in yourself and how you look makes you more likely to shed those clothes and do the vertical tango with your partner.
  4. Improves  sexual performance
    • The combination of more blood flow and increased confidence improves the sexual performance of people who exercise. According to this article, a study was performed among people who exercised four to five days per week. The study revealed 69% of men and 88% of women reported having above average or much above average sexual performance.
  5. Exercise means more sex
    • I can personally agree to this one. This is a harder benefit to explain but it does appear as though people who exercise regularly have more sex than before they began exercising. I believe it is a combination of all the benefits of exercise.
  6. Reduces Erectile Dysfunction
    • Blood flow, blood flow, blood flow. Sex is all about the blood flow and exercise increases blood flow. A penis can’t become erect if it doesn’t have sufficient blood flow. Exercising reduces high blood pressure, prevents blocked arteries and other cardiovascular conditions. It keeps the heart healthy and strong. This leads to good blood flow to the penis and reduces erectile dysfunction.
  7. Endorphin Release
    • Exercise releases endorphins. It is a wonderful stress reliever. It clears the mind, relaxes you, and leaves you feeling content and blissful. Sound familiar? Your sex drive and sexual pleasure use the same endorphin release system. The more you exercise and/or have sex, the more endorphins are released. The more intense and often you have these endorphin releases, the better pleasure and easier sexual arousal you will have in the future.
  8. Adds Options
    • Exercise increases strength and endurance. It keeps you fit which gives you more sexual options than if you weren’t. More positions, longer sessions, and having sex more often are more likely when you are fit than if you aren’t. Exercise is the key.

So now you have some exciting reasons to put on your running shoes or pick up some weights. Remember, exercise is great for your health and better for your sex life. Stay tuned for the next installment of Sexual Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle.

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Sexual Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle Part 1: The Series Explained

I have been working out and eating healthy for six and a half weeks. I don’t know about anyone else but I have noticed some great changes. One of the changes that surprised me was the change in the bedroom. Ever since I began this journey towards a better lifestyle, my confidence has soared, I am happier, I have higher self-esteem, and I feel sexier. These positive changes are linked back to improving my sex life. I was curious if I was the only one who noticed the great changes (other than my husband, of course) so I looked up some articles about it.

I will be writing a four part series about the sexual benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. The first post (this one) explains why I’m writing the series. The second post will talk about the all the awesome (and sexy) benefits exercise has on your sex life. The third post will be about how eating healthy adds fuel to the fire in the bedroom. The fourth and final post will explain how having sex is great for your health. They will appear as follows:

If these reasons don’t make you want a healthy lifestyle, then I don’t know what will. So grab some chocolate covered strawberries (see why here) and get ready to get educated.

Are you excited to learn more about all these sexy benefits? Great! If you are too excited, then find your partner and put these great benefits to work 🙂 Stay tuned for all the awesome information to come.


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