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I’ve made a plan

As you might have noticed from my posts (and lack of posts), I’ve been having a VERY difficult time transitioning to the last 30 days of the BeFit in 90. The workouts went from moderately challenging to hardcore (for someone like me who is very out of shape at least). Even with modifications, I’m really struggling with this. It has gotten to the point where I don’t even want to workout. I’ve been eating healthy (made delicious chicken taco soup for dinner. yum yum) but I know healthy eating is only part of a healthy lifestyle. I don’t want the hard work I’ve put in the past couple months to go down the drain just because I’m having a hard time transitioning. I’ve spent the past week or two really thinking about what I can do to make this easier.

While I was thinking about it this evening, I had an Aha moment. My whole issue is transitioning from the second 30 days of the program to the last 30 days. Why don’t I make the transition easier by adding another 30 days with both workouts in it! So I’ll be turning BeFit in 90 into BeFit in 120. I’m going to be redoing days 31-60 using the days as a general guideline. I plan on increasing my weights during the strength training videos, using the different plyo videos for the cardio and I also hope to add extra push-ups and squats to the workouts for extra strength. Each day will vary in intensity but hopefully it will give me the motivation I need. I’ll still be working out and the workouts will be a lot harder but they won’t be so hard that I have no interest in doing them. I’m hoping this extra 30 day transition will give me the extra strength and stamina I need to get through the last 30 days as instructed.

I’ll start implementing my new plan tomorrow. I’ll definitely keep you guys updated and will start posting more often. I am truly sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’ll try to make it up to you guys.

Much needed update

This is a quick update. Sorry I’ve been MIA for the last week and a half. Life has been crazy. Full of ups and downs. I’ve had a lot of good news as well as some pretty bad news. I got hired for a second job. I’m pretty excited. The job offers flexible hours and I can choose how much I want to work each week. Plus I’ll be making $1.50-$3.50 more than I do at the job I’m working now. Woohoo! It pretty exciting stuff in my opinion. 😀

I started doing the last 30 days of BeFit in 90. I tried Day 61, got through the warm-up and first plyo video and spent the next 10 minutes gasping for air on the floor. I can’t believe how drastically the change in intensity was. I felt like I hadn’t worked out at all in the past two months. It was pretty embarrassing. I felt so depressed by not being able to complete it, I moped around for a few days. Not working out. Not doing anything other than spending time with my daughter and playing video games with my husband. After that, I decided to stop moping and get my butt back into gear. I am still unable to finish the workouts but I am trying my best and I am super sore afterwards. I’m trying to get my motivation back to where is was.

Last week, my husband’s aunt was taken to the hospital. We found out the following day she had a tumor in her brain causing brain swelling. They had emergency surgery to remove some of it. She’s been doing good. Yesterday, they had another surgery to remove the rest of it. I also found out this morning from my mother-in-law that she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She has been amazing this past week, talking, joking around with family, and overall doing much better than the doctors could have hoped. Our family is just praying for her to have a quick recovery and we are supporting one another.

I’ll try to start posting more often. Sorry for being absent lately but I have a lot going on right now.

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