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Weekly Update- June 16, 2013

Every week I plan on posting an update about my progress towards better health. I will post goals I want to accomplish in the upcoming week, if I accomplished the goals I set the previous week, current weight, if I lose or gain weight (hopefully only lose weight), and a brief summary of my activities.

Goals from previous week

Do the BeFit in 90 workout each day as instructed yes!
Do the 30 day Squat Challenge each day as instructed no 😦
Drink lots of water (even more since its hot) yes!

Goals for the upcoming week

Do the BeFit in 90 workout each day as instructed
Add more cardio throughout the week
Drink lots of water (even more since its hot)
Eat more healthy meals, especially at lunch time

Weigh-in Time

Start Weight: 270 pounds
Current Weight: 250.4 pounds
Lose/Gain: Lost 1.4 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 19.6 pounds

Weekly Summary

This week has had its ups and downs. Overall, it was a great week but its had its down moments. I had to stop doing the 30 Day Squat Challenge as you can read here because of the pain in my knees. I was really disappointed but I’ve had some great support from fellow bloggers. Thanks so much to all of you!

Other than that, I’ve had a great week. I did a lot of fun projects this week for the Relay event on Friday and Saturday, including tye-dying t-shirts

, tye-dying my finger nails, and the actual Relay event. I walked 4.97 miles at Relay and had so much fun with friends and family. I’ll be posting about the tye-dye nails and the Relay event in the next day or two.

I am really happy I lost another 1.4 pounds! I’m on a roll! Woohoo! I have .4 pounds until I reach my first goal! I’m going to bring it this week to try to get under 250! Let’s do this! Hope everyone has a great week and Happy Father’s Day to all my dad followers!

Hubby and Peanut

Hubby and Peanut

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