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Wonderful day for a walk

Last week was finally so much cooler than last week. I took Peanut on a walk to the park. I also took homemade chicken noodle soup to Hubby’s uncle since his aunt is still in the hospital. Peanut was so excited and happy to go for a walk. I definitely plan on taking her on more walks since it’s getting cooler out again.

Peanut was VERY excited to go for a walk. Can you tell?

Peanut was VERY excited to go for a walk. Can you tell?

She missed her swing

She missed her swing

We sat on the big purple dinosaur.

We sat on the big purple dinosaur.

She looks so thoughtful. I love this picture.

She looks so thoughtful. I love this picture.


National Running Day

Happy National Running Day

Happy National Running Day

Happy National Running Day! I did celebrate although I don’t run. It’s not that I don’t want to run because I do. I am just too out of shape yet to run any distance without knocking myself out with my boobs, end up laying on the ground gasping for breath and wondering why I ever tried to run. So I just saved myself the embarrassment and went for a walk instead. LOL

Hubby, Peanut and I went for a nice walk. It was great outside. Not too hot but not too cool. Perfect weather to be outside and go for a walk. I even took some pictures. Hope everyone had a great National Running Day. I know I did. 🙂

We stopped our walk for a picture break.

We paused for a picture.

Hubby and I sitting on a bench for a water break. I love him!

Hubby and I sitting on a bench for a water break. I love him!

Peanut woke up when we stopped for a break. She's peeking at us.

Peanut woke up when we stopped for a break. She’s peeking at us.



Nice day for a hike

Two days ago, Hubby, Peanut, my in-laws, and I went for a nice hike near my in-laws house. It was a beautiful, sunny day. A perfect day to go for a hike.

I have taken Peanut on many walks these past few weeks but she has never been on a walk in the woods. So I strapped her into the baby carrier and off we went! Peanut just loved looking at all the trees. She couldn’t figure out what she wanted to look at. There was just so much for her to see. I loved watching her head tilt back and forth and see her eyes roaming all over the place.

We made it halfway through the walk before all the stimulation caught up with her. The steady movement of me walking lulled her to sleep. I put a light receiving blanket over her to keep the sun out of her face while she was asleep. We walked for almost 2 miles before we were hungry and ready for dinner. She woke up when she were almost back to the car. I guess the heat from both of our bodies (plus being covered with the receiving blanket) made her too hot and woke her up.

I was really happy she enjoyed the hike because we will be taking many, many more during the summer.

This is the trail we followed

This is the trail we followed

I loved the view during our hike

I loved the view during our hike

On a hike babywearing Peanut. She fell asleep and the sun was in her eyes so I covered her with a receiving blanket

On a hike babywearing Peanut. She fell asleep and the sun was in her eyes so I covered her with a receiving blanket

The view from the trail. I love it!

The view from the trail. I love it!

Hubby held Peanut for the last bit of our hike since she got too hot in the carrier. You can tell she just woke up

Hubby held Peanut for the last bit of our hike since she got too hot in the carrier. You can tell she just woke up

What’s up so far this week

I just wanted to let you guys know what I have been up to so far this week. I have been doing wonderful this week with both eating healthy and keeping up with my walks.

Here is just a little summary of how I’ve been doing with my exercises.

  • Sunday- I went on two different walks for a total of 1.89 miles.
  • Monday- I didn’t have a chance to go on my walk but I did manage to do 30 squats, 20 calf raises and I walked in place for about 20 minutes.
  • Tuesday- I was extra energetic and walked 3.26 miles. The longest walk I have completed since I started walking.
  • Today- I went on a walk with Peanut for 2.62 miles.

It’s only Wednesday and I am already up to 7.72 miles! I am really happy with how well I’ve been doing. The more walks I go on, the more I just love it. I am in a better mood after my walks. I feel happier, healthier, and I have more self-confidence. I’m hoping after I walk for long enough I can start jogging.

I have already started noticing positive changes from changing to a healthy lifestyle. Although I am a bit physically tired from my walks, I have more energy than ever. My clothes are looser and my wedding ring is getting loose as well. I’m not use to needing to pull up my pants since they starting to sag. My self-esteem and self-confidence have skyrocketed. I am happier and Peanut is in a better mood as well from our walks.

Another new thing going on for me this week is a program at work called Walk On. It encourages the employees to walk with a pedometer for 6 weeks keeping track of how many steps we take each day. The company gives prizes if/when we reach 50, 100, 150 and 200 miles. The program starts today. Not only did I sign up but I have tried to get my coworkers to sign up as well. I have been trying to promote healthy habits as much as I can.

And I Kept On Walking

And I Kept On Walking

I turned onto Main Street,
And I started walking.

I walked past a bar, a pet store, and a hardware store.
I turned onto Snyder Street,
And I kept on walking.

I walked past a post office and a store selling fruit.
I walked until Peanut fell asleep,
And I kept on walking.

I walked under a bridge and past a pool.
I walked until the sidewalk ended, turned around,
And I kept on walking.

As I walked, I saw flowers in a variety of colors.
I walked until I was tired of walking,
And I kept on walking.

I walked past a small park and a fire department.
I walked until I was absolutely exhausted,
And I kept on walking.

My mind cleared as I walked through town,
I walked until all I felt was my feet pounding on the sidewalk,
And I kept on walking.

I walked past the big park and the compost pile,
I walked until I reached Main Street again,
And I kept on walking.

I walked until I came made it to my destination, my house,
And I finally stopped tulips

Challenging day

Yesterday wasn’t the best day for me. I woke up to it raining outside and I had thought it was suppose to be sunny all day. It was my fault for not checking the weather regularly (I only check it like once a week). I was really discouraged to see the rain when I wanted sunshine. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the rain. Most days I find it relaxing and peaceful but not today. I had great plans for a long walk with my daughter. Then I wanted to work on our yard when my husband got home. Those ideas went out the window with the rain.

Hubby took a picture of me soaking my feet while working on my blog

Hubby took a picture of me soaking my feet while working on my blog

It just threw off my whole day. I took care of my daughter, cleaned the house and worked on a few posts but I just didn’t feel like my usually happy-go-lucky bubbly self. When my husband got home, he even noticed how moody I was. He tried to cheer me up the best he could, which worked pretty well. I still ate healthy but I just really wanted to be outside.

The day went by uneventfully until 7pm. I was washing dishes when I looked outside. There was no rain, the ground was pretty dry and it was still pretty light out. I charged into the living room, where Hubby was playing videos, and told him to get ready. We were going on our walk!!! I was actually jumping up and down with excitement. I bound up the stairs and put on my walking clothes. Meanwhile, Hubby got my daughter ready and put her in the stroller. Out the door we went!
I was so happy and excited to be able to go on my walk. My mood changed completely. I felt like myself again. I was so excited to be walking, I was walking faster than normal. Hubby had to tell me to slow down twice since the sidewalks are too bumpy to go too fast with the stroller. We walked so quickly we actually beat my “record” fastest time for a mile. We walked 1 mile in 22 minutes!

After our walk and I put Peanut to bed, I decided to reward Hubby for supporting me on my journey, putting up with my moodiness today and just being a wonderful husband. I gave him a pedicure and a foot massage. He was surprised and happy when I told him. I love to make him happy.

Then it was my turn to soak my sore feet in the hot water. Talk about relaxing. I sat on the couch with my feet in the water, smelling the herbs I put in and worked on my blog. I gave myself a pedicure and foot massage as well. What a perfect end to a challenging day! 🙂

What do you do when you have a hard day? What helps you relax and get into a better mood?

Finding time for my walk

Walking at the mall

Walking around the mall with Hubby and Peanut

I am learning how to incorporate exercising and eating healthy into my life every day. Even on the days when I’m barely home. Yesterday, I was out of the house most of the day. I had family to visit, errands to run, and we drove the whole way up to Pottstown for  Hubby to get a nintendo. It was a day full of challenges.

While visiting family, Peanut’s great grandmother spent most of the visit trying to get me to eat. She repeatedly offered me every variety of Tastykakes there is! At least that’s what it felt like! I told her over and over I don’t eat dairy. I was persistent and finally made her happy by telling her I’d rather have an apple. She happily gave me an apple and I didn’t give in to the cupcakes. Success!

I made sure to prevent myself from stopping at a fast food restaurant by putting some granola bars in the diaper bag to curb my hunger. They came in really handy and I didn’t stop anywhere.

The biggest obstacle was finding time to exercise. The weather was temperamental yesterday. It rained on and off all day. We have an hour and a half between Hubby getting off work and leaving for Pottstown. Hubby had a brilliant idea to walk around the mall for that time so I could get my walk in for the day. It was perfect. The mall wasn’t out of the way, it kept Peanut out of the rain and I could walk.

I downloaded a step counter app onto my phone so it would keep track of how much I was walking. The other fitness app on my phone tracks my walks by GPS so it wouldn’t count walking around the mall. Once the app was downloaded and ready, we started walking. We managed to walk 2192 steps. Walking indoors definitely feels differently than walking outdoors.
I am so proud of myself for staying on track with my health lifestyle. Some days are harder than others but that’s just the way life works. Challenges make us stronger.
How do you fit exercising into your life on busy days? Let me know!

Weekly Update- April 14, 2013


Every week I plan on posting an update about my progress towards better health. I will post goals I want to accomplish in the upcoming week, if I accomplished the goals I set the previous week, current weight, if I lose or gain weight (hopefully only lose weight), and a brief summary of my activities.

Swinging at the park

Hubby, Peanut and I went on a long walk today. Adding miles towards my goal. We stopped at the park so Peanut could swing for a while. Hubby captured this photo of the two of us

Goals for the upcoming week

  1. Walk at least 8 miles
  2. Perform at least one strength training workout
  3. Continue to eat dairy free
  4. Add one serving of veggies or fruit each day by either eating extra veggies/fruit or replacing a snack with veggies

Weigh-in Time
Weight: 261 pounds
Lose/Gain: Lost 4 pounds!!!!!
Weekly Summary
This past week has been my first dairy free week I’ve ever had. Surprisingly, it was not as hard as I thought it would be. I can’t believe how much food has dairy in it. Its rather daunting, but I try to look for the positive in life. Dairy free is turning out to be helpful because it keeps me from eating junk food like cookies, chocolate, and all sorts of other unhealthy food. Most of the food I want to eat containing dairy isn’t healthy for me anyway, including frozen dinners and most processed foods. Therefore, I have been making my meals from scratch (which I enjoy doing anyway) so I know what I am eating. This allows me to add more veggies my meals.

As far as fitness goes, I have been walking every chance I can get this week. The weather has been warm and wonderful. I’ve taken my daughter on walks almost every day this week. I’ve walked a little over 5 miles. I’m quite proud of myself 🙂

Do you have any short term goals this week you want to accomplish? What do you think of the goals I’ve set for myself this week? Let me know!

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