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BeFit in 90 Days 31 and 32

Day 31

It’s the first day of the new workouts. I am so glad to work out to new videos. The previous ones were getting boring. I have a short attention span. Day 31 consisted of the new warm-up, the new Butt, Legs, and Chest workout, the Cardio Booster, and the Sports Stretch workout.

The new warm-up is more intense than the first one. It uses my least favorite warm-up exercise and features it through the whole warm-up. I actually like it more in the second warm-up than the first. The new Butt, Legs and Chest warm-up in my opinion was either just as hard or easier than the first one. I like the new exercises. They are great. The new cardio workout is more intense than the first and I’m still trying to do that one. I do plan on trying harder to finish the first cardio so I can attack the second one. I did zumba as well since I didn’t get far in the second cardio workout.

Day 32

I liked today’s workout so much better than yesterday. Day 32 consisted of the new Warm-up, Yoga Dynamics, Ripped Back and Shoulders, and Cardio MMA Workout Phase 2. I definitely like the Yoga Dynamics better than the first yoga. The only issue I have with it is my belly gets in the way during some of the moves and I have problems performing them correctly. It makes me feel awkward and the moves don’t flow as well. Otherwise, I like this one much better. I like how she does the video with her husband.

I used the 3lb weights instead of the 5lbs weights for this workout to see where I was. I am so glad I did the 3lb weights! The Ripped Back and Shoulders workout was so much more difficult than before. I felt like I haven’t been working out for the past 30 days and I’m starting all over again. The new exercises work all new muscles and I can really feel it. I am really excited about these new workouts.

I am so happy to finally have a new MMA workout! I love the new moves. The elbow move is fun. I love the combos! So happy!

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