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Did she really ask me that?

Last week, I went to visit my mother. We were talking about how her doctor told her she needs to lose weight and how I have been exercising and eating healthy. I was telling her how I am losing weight the natural way. She just nods her head like she’s not really listening. I know my mother well and I can tell she’s thinking of something else. Then she informs me of how two of my cousins had weight loss surgery (I believe it was the LAP-band but I can’t remember) and told me I should do it too.

I was just floored! Not to mention offended! I was just telling her how I want to lose weight naturally and she wants me to have surgery. What for? Does she not believe I can lose the weight naturally? Does she think I’m not strong enough to do it on my own? Why does she want me to be cut open to lose weight when eating right and exercising is so much better for me? I know how my mother is and there is absolutely no point in arguing with her about the benefits of eating healthy and exercising versus having surgery. I just nodded and changed the subject while inwardly being stunned that she had just made that suggestion. I have been thinking about this conversation ever since.

I can’t see the point in having surgery to lose weight. In my opinion, it is the easy way out like cheating on a major test in college because you didn’t feel like studying or you partied instead. There are so many disadvantages to weight loss surgeries and so many advantages to losing weight the natural way.

Disadvantages of Weight Loss Surgery

There are major disadvantages of weight loss surgery like the LAP-band including:

  1. The main disadvantage is the fact that its actual surgery, which means someone will be:
    1. cutting you open
    2. performing the surgery
    3. stitching you back up
    4. plus, you have to recover from the surgery
  2. There are risks involved in having surgery I read about in this article including:
    1. vomiting from eating too much
    2. risks of infections
    3. the band slipping out of place
    4. the possible need for more surgeries
  3. other less likely complications
  4. Not to mention the fact that most people who have the LAP-band surgery are likely to regain the weight over the years.

Advantages of Natural Weight Loss

Now let’s look at the advantages of losing weight naturally through healthy eating habits and exercising.

  1. You don’t have to have surgery!
  2. No surgical complications or recovery
  3. build muscle
  4. break bad eating habits/develop healthy ones
  5. build self-esteem and self-confidence
  6. proud of yourself for doing it on your own
  7. learning how to eat correctly
  8. set a good example for your children
  9. plus so many more!!!

I personally will never choose to have weight loss surgery. I do know some people have to have surgery for health reasons. I completely understand and I have no problem with that. If my cousins decided to lose weight by having surgery, I’m fine with that as well. It’s just not for me. I want to do this the “hard” way and I will!

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