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BeFit in 90

I meant to write this post yesterday but I had one of the crappy days I’ve had in a long while. I’ll be writing another post about it later today. But right now, I’m writing this one.

I follow an awesome blog Out of Hiding. Lori introduced me to a workout program on YouTube called BeFit in 90. The best part of the program is its free!!! After looking at the videos, I decided to change my weekly goals and do this instead. I normally don’t change my weekly goals but since I didn’t hear about this until late Sunday night and didn’t look into it until Monday morning, I am changing it.

I did the first day workouts. Man, they are tough! I loved it! I love workouts that you can feel working! The warm up was nice. It got the heart pumping. The second video was Legs, Chest and Buns workout. It was A LOT of squats! haha

I tried to do the third video, which was cardio. Unfortunately, the cardio was too intense for me. Let me explain. I have a heart condition called POTS. It causes me to have an unusually high heart rate. This can cause dizziness and fainting if my heart rate stays too high for too long. The cardio video did its job making my heart rate go up but it went too high and made me dizzy. I will still continue to do 10 minutes worth of cardio but I will be modifying it for my unique situation. Either I will be following the video as much as I can (and jogging in place when I am unable) or I will be replacing the video with Zumba instead. Either way, I will still be getting my cardio in.

The fourth video was Sports Stretching and Flexibility workout. This was slow paced and very enjoyable. It is a great cooldown with some nice stretches.

I am looking forward to seeing where this workout program takes me. I will keep you guys up to date on my progress and what I think of the program as I go through it. Here’s to sore muscles for the next 90 days! haha

Are you doing any fun, interesting or intense workout programs? What do you like about it? Do you see results?

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