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BeFit in 90 Days 39 and 40

Day 39

This workout was nice workout. Day 39 consisted of the Warm-up 2, the Back & Shoulders workout, Cardio Booster (I did Zumba) and the Sports Stretch. The Back and Shoulders workout is still very challenging but I am not quite so sore from it the next day. Thankfully. Now I can pick up Peanut afterwards. haha! I doubled up my Zumba to get a better workout so I have more cardio this week. This is great since I feel as though I need more cardio in my week and it’s one of my weekly goals.

I am just LOVING the Sports Stretch. It feels amazing. Especially the move that stretches out the glutes. It feels amazing. Hubby was watching TV while I was working out and stretching. I said to him “I love this position. It feels good on my butt.” He started cracking up and making fun of me. I didn’t mean it in a perverted way but of course, that’s how he took it. It made us both crack up laughing.

Day 40

Rest Day!!! I really wanted to do some extra cardio but I spent her nap time cleaning instead. We had friends coming over and I wanted the house to look extra clean. I also worked today.

Current Front View

Current Front View

Current Side View

Current Side View

BeFit in 90- Day 23 and 24

Day 23

I made a mistake. I thought Day 23 was a rest day so I took it as a rest day. BeFit in 90 and the 30 Day Squat Challenge having rest days together. I thought I was lucky. Unfortunately, I checked my BeFit in 90 and saw it was suppose to be a rest day on Day 24 and Day 23 was a workout day. I just switched it the days so I am working out on Day 24 instead of Day 23.

Day 24

After resting from both workouts yesterday, I was definitely ready to workout today. Day 24 consisted of the Warm-up, the Back & Shoulders workout, Fat-burning Cardio and the Yoga cool-down. I replaced the Fat-burning cardio with Zumba like I usually do. My friend Lori over at Out of Hiding told me about how she replaces the yoga cool-down with this POP Pilates cool-down. I tried it and…. I LOVE IT! It stretches me out SO well. I am so happy she told me about it! I am thrilled!

Picture of me after my cool-down.

Picture of me after my cool-down.

BeFit in 90- Days 17 and 18

Day 17

I was really expecting to be sore from my double workout the day before but I wasn’t. It made me realize I need to increase my weights. I’m going to bump up my hand weights from 3lbs to 5lbs for all of my workouts. I have stopped feeling sore after my workouts. So hopefully my workouts will show more improvement with the added weight. Hubby and I took Peanut for a 2.29 mile walk as well. We went later in the day so it wasn’t so hot out.

Day 18

Today was a pretty easy day. Day 18 consisted of the Warm-up, Ripped Abs & Arms workout, Fat Burning Cardio, and Yoga. I used the 5lbs weights for the Abs & Arms workout. I actually managed to do a third of the Fat Burning Cardio before I switched to Zumba for the rest of my cardio. Hubby and I plan on taking Peanut for a walk later today as well.

BeFit in 90- Days 6 and 7

Day 6

Day 6 was another rest day with BeFit in 90. I did rest for the most part. Hubby, Peanut, and I went yardsaling in the morning. We ended up walking 2.45 miles looking at all the yard sales (it was two big community yard sales). We got a really nice glass top table for our front porch for only $10. It is really nice.

Day 7

Today was a cardio day. I did the warm-up and Cardio MMA Level 1 workouts according to the program. Instead of doing the Fat Burning Cardio workout, I did Zumba instead. With all the cardio today, I didn’t even bother trying it and getting too dizzy to do the rest of it. I had a blast doing the Zumba and was sweating like crazy from all the cardio. I finished up with the Sports Stretch and Flexibility Workout to cool-down. I really enjoy this cool-down. It stretches me out well.

It was a great workout today. I felt energized and ready to go afterwards, especially after taking a long hot shower to get all the sweat off of me. Haha!


Weekly Update- May, 12, 2013

Every week I plan on posting an update about my progress towards better health. I will post goals I want to accomplish in the upcoming week, if I accomplished the goals I set the previous week, current weight, if I lose or gain weight (hopefully only lose weight), and a brief summary of my activities.

Goals from previous week

Walk at least 10 miles yes!
Do at least one yoga workout yes!
Do at least one step aerobics workout yes!
Do at least one target area workout (like arms, abs, etc.) no 😦 I did more zumba instead
Practice zumba steps yes!
Try making tofu yes!
Drink at least one cup of mango green tea a day yes!

Goals for the upcoming week

Walk at least 5 miles
Do the BeFit in 90 workout each day as instructed
Drink lots of water
Eat healthy meals/snacks every 2-3 hours

Weigh-in Time

Start Weight: 270 pounds
Current Weight: 256.2 pounds
Lose/Gain: Lost 0 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 13.8
Navel Measurement: 48 inches (-2 inch)

Weekly Summary

The weather this week was really crappy. It rained most of the week so I couldn’t walk as much as I wanted to. I still managed to make it to my ten mile mark though! 🙂

  • Sunday- 3.78
  • Monday- 1.36
  • Tuesday- Rest day
  • Wednesday- 1.08
  • Thursday- 2.10
  • Friday- 1.51
  • Saturday- 2.43
  • Total miles= 12.26

I just LOVE doing Zumba! I will definitely be doing it more often. Unfortunately, I did another Zumba workout instead of the target area workout because I had so much fun doing it. Its no excuse though and I will try harder next week. Step aerobics is kicking my butt but I really enjoy doing it and it makes me sweat like nobody’s business! haha

I only measured my navel today and I lost TWO inches!!! Woohoo!!!!! This is great since I didn’t lose any weight this week (but at least I didn’t gain any). I believe I gained some muscle due to the added exercises I did this week. Seeing how many inches I lost at my navel makes me tempted to take all my measurements but I haven’t decided yet. I have even lost a pant size.

A friend told me she can tell my face has gotten thinner. The compliment really means a lot to me. It’s reassuring to have friends notice changes as well.

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