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The lab results are in…

Last week, my sister-in-law and I took Peanut for blood work. You can read about it in this article if you missed it. I have been waiting anxiously for her lab results to come back so we know what’s going on. The unknown leaves me feeling lost. It’s hard to fix something when you don’t know what it is. I’m not a super control freak but I have a slight tendency to enjoy having things go my way. I like to know what the problem is, so I have something to attack and fix.

She is right where she should be developmentally and loves to explore.

She is right where she should be developmentally and loves to explore.

On Wednesday, I got a phone from her pediatrician while I was at work. I didn’t realize it until I went on my break (we can’t have our phones with us while we work). Her doctor left a voicemail stating her lab results were in and he’d try to call me tomorrow. I tried calling the office back but they were closed. First thing Thursday morning, I called the doctor office asking for her doctor. I was forwarded to a nurse, who told me the lab results were NOT in and they would call me once they came in. I told her the doctor called me but she dismissed it and hung up. I was confused but I let it go. The doctor said he’d call so he would if it was important.

Thursday night, I go on my break. Of course, her doctor decides to call me while I’m at work yet again. I listen to the voicemail. Peanut’s doctor tells me he wants to talk to me about her lab results and come up with a plan for her. I don’t know about any other mothers in the blogosphere who hear something like that about their baby’s health but when I heard the voicemail, I started worrying like crazy. Why couldn’t he just tell me the darn results so I didn’t have to freak out all night until I heard what he had to say. I tried calling the office back but he had already left for the day (of course!).

This morning I called bright-and-early yet again. The receptionist told me she would pass the message to the doctor but he was busy. She said he would call me once he had a moment. I was so worried and anxious all day. I was staring at my phone, checking the volume like a hundred times to make sure I’d hear it when he called, checking the phone logs to make sure I didn’t miss it, etc. etc. etc.

While Peanut was down for her nap, I decided to workout to get my mind off things and to help me de-stress (even though I was in NO mood to workout). I did my BeFit in 90 Day 12 and felt much better and more relaxed. Peanut even waited until after my workout was finished to wake up from her nap. I breastfed her and brought her downstairs to play. While she was playing, my phone finally rang. I was so anxious to answer the phone, I almost hung up on the doctor (I would have been so angry LOL). We talked and he told me the results and his plans for what to do next.

My little Peanut is allergic to peanuts (ironically)… and milk. We already knew she was allergic to milk so I wasn’t surprised about that. Thankfully, she isn’t allergic to wheat, eggs, or soy. I was worried she might be but I’m very glad she’s not. Now I have to cut peanuts out of my diet. Hopefully, that will help clear up her eczema and help her gain some weight as well. Her pediatrician said the rest of her blood work came back fine. Her iron and calcium levels were fine. She’s not anemic. She doesn’t have celiac disease and she doesn’t have any other allergies. Unfortunately, all three of her stool samples came back positive for blood in her stool. He said the cause is either her stomach or her intestines. The doctor said he was going to put her on Prevacid to help repair some of the damage in her intestines and he was going to put in a referral for her to go to a GI doctor. Unfortunately, it takes a while to get into the GI doctor office but hopefully it won’t take too long.

Let’s hope the medicine works and she gaining some weight. I will keep everyone updated on how she’s doing and what’s going on.

She's still a happy little girl who loves to play and smile

She’s still a happy little girl who loves to play and smile

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