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I’m doing it right

I went to the doctor’s yesterday for a follow up for my stomach problems. I went through the normal routine with the nurse. She checked my blood pressure, checked where my blood pressure was last appointment (one month ago) and did a double take. She said my blood pressure had gone down… a lot for one month. Last month, my blood pressure was on the higher side of normal at 136/90. This month my blood pressure had gone down to 126/70, in the normal range.

When the doctor came in, he looked at my chart, saw my blood pressure change, and took my blood pressure again. It came out the same (maybe off one or two, I didn’t see it). He was very impressed. He asked me what I have been up to with my diet. When I explained to him how I have changed my diet to more protein, fruits and veggies, taking walks everyday and working out, he told me to continue doing it. He noted I had lost weight as well as lower my blood pressure.

Plus, eating better has really helped me with my stomach issues. Unfortunately, it hasn’t made them disappear. I still get really bad stomach cramps when I eat certain foods (even healthy ones like salads) and there are times when I have to run in search of a bathroom. He told me the blood work came out really well so there’s no problems there. He believes I have IBS, which stinks but I’m not surprised. He wants to put me on medication for it to see if it helps but I can’t until I finish breastfeeding Peanut. He is sending me to a GI doctor to see what else we can do while we wait for me to try the medicine.

I will continue eating healthy, making healthy lifestyle choices and exercising. I am thrilled with the progress I have made so far and how the changes I’ve made are already improving my health.

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